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 Even when you are not aware, you can make some things that will later reflect in your state of health.

These things can be even usual habits, very common and that you make involuntary.

Read the article below and find out from which are the 6 usual habits that we are referring to and why they danger your health.


The insufficient intake of liquids

The liquids deprivation can seriously affect your health

Even if it doesn't seem quite a big deal, a limited intake of water can lead to cerebral ageing, cardiovascular conditions and it can affect the well-functioning of your kidneys.

Especially on summer, when dehydration can install rapidly, the blood density grows which leads to thrombocytes and induces cardiovascular conditions. This is why it is mandatory to assure to your body the necessary intake of liquids.

Replacing meals with fruits

Many people come to believe that they can replace meals with fruits

It is true that an increased intake of fresh fruits is good for your body, because of the higher mount of vitamins.

But this doesn't mean that fruits can replace the usual meals! 

Fruits can't assure you the necessary intake of nutrients that you can obtain from the diversity of food normally, at a meal.

Moreover, a reduced protean intake leads to a nutritional unbalance, which will lower your immune system.

Smoking after meal

The immediate smoking after a meal can serious damage your health.

The toxic substances from cigarettes are easier to absorb by your body because the blood's circulation and the intestinal peristalsis are accelerated and, therefore, the power of absorption is higher.

A wealthy dinner

Usually, dinner should contain fresh vegetables and food rich in healthy carbohydrates.

The intake of proteins and fats should be reduced.
Moreover, dinner shouldn't be served too late, because it facilitates the growth of gastrointestinal acid.

Jumping over breakfast

Not for nothing it is recommended to never jump over breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day.

Jumping over breakfast seriously damages your stomach and accelerates premature ageing.

According to the German scientists,
people who regularly have breakfast, live longer.

Grabbing your meals

It is recommended that the meals to be consumed in quiet and, especially, slow.

Eating on fast forward leads to intestines' inflammation and, finally, to obesity.

The cause is the fact that, if you don't chew enough, your digestion will be affected.

This is why you should chew at least 8 times, before swallowing.


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