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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Everybody knows that you can replace coffee with sodas that contain caffeine or taurine, just as everybody knows that they are unhealthy.

Besides the well-known options, such as black chocolate, nuts, green tea or mint tea and plain water with lemon, below recommends you eight creative options for replacing your daily coffee.

Licorice tea
Even though in childhood you did not like sweets with licorice, now you will start to appreciate the benefits of this sweet and a little spicy tea made of licorice.

This bold drink does not contain caffeine, but it helps your body to release the tension. You can drink it as a tincture or in your tea, because it makes a perfect tonic which gives you energy.

Juice from wheat germs

This juice is a reputed energizer known as a shot of vitamins, mineral and essential nutrients for us.

Most of us can't stand the taste, but it can be used in combination with another one. It is easily to digest and it is rapidly assimilated by your body.

Didn't you ask for a boost of energy, do you?

Siberian Ginseng tea
Τhis tea is made from the slightly bitter root of Ginseng.

Βut if you cannot simply drink it as it is, you can flavor it with a bit of honey. This tea has the role of stimulating your capacity of concentration and it can be used on long terms.

The tea made from the miraculous Reishi fungus
Υou probably used so far the fungus in food, but not in your tea.

Still, this tea is a great alternative to coffee and it was initially used in China.


Ιt is a well-known drink in India and it is made from black tea, milk and a variety of condiments such as cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg.

Pomegranate juice 
Pomegranate looks very good and has a sweet-sour taste, perfectly for helping your brain to wake up a bit.

What is best at this juice is that it gets along with many other fruits for a rich in vitamins and fibers smoothie, such as: pomegranate juice with soy milk, banana, forest fruits, spirulina and yoghurt.

Shake with flaxseeds

If you add flaxseeds or sunflower seeds at any shake that you drink at the beginning of a day, you will have energy for long time.

For a refreshing drink, full of fibers, mix some flaxseeds with soy milk, ice and any fruit that you want.

Plum juice

This refreshing and dense juice (it can be diluted with water or apple juice) helps at adjusting the adequate level of electrolytes from the body, which, at his turn, leads to increased immune system.

And if you already don’t want to drink coffee, why waste it, when you can use it as a scrub?


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