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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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We all want perfect bodies that are not only thin, but only well-worked at the gym.

So, you buy equipment and go to train, but this is not enough and, even if you train hard for months, result may not appear.

Why? Beside the fact that the body needs 6 months of well-done training, the best results will come from a smart training – not too intense, not too light.

We present you 3 steps to avoid when you exercise.

To fall for routine

If you make the same exercises every day, your muscles will adapt in time to them.

So, you will quickly reach a limit, because every exercise stimulates only a limited number of muscular fibers.

Still, if you succeed to "provoke" the muscles from a variety of angles or if you add moves and alternate them periodically, you will obtain significant more muscular fibers and a better tonus.

For each group of muscles you should learn 2-3 supplementary exercises, from new angles or realized with new equipment (it would be perfect to ask your instructor), that you can then alternate at 6-8 weeks.

The rapid performing of the repetitive moves

This thing doesn't solicit enough the muscular power and you will not burn sufficiently fast the calories.

Moreover, you risk to harm yourself and to make a muscle stretch.

Let there be about 6 seconds between each repetitive exercise. For instance, 2 seconds for lifting up a weight and 4 for letting it down. The experts believe that muscles' slowdown is the most important modification for improving the results of physical activity.

High difficulty exercises practiced too often
If you don't rest sufficiently between the cardio or fitness sessions, you will not make any progresses and you will even lose the gained muscular mass.

For maintaining the muscles in full shape and for remaining motivated, you have to alternate the heavier days (40-60 minutes of physical exercises) with lighter ones (20) minutes.

You don't have to make more than 2 long sessions a week.
As much you train intensively, as your body has more need to rest.

Let there be at least one free day between exercising the same group muscles.

The conclusion to all these?
Stop being too obsessed or too lazy. As the truth lies somewhere in the middle, you have to adopt a balanced lifestyle which is available at the gym to.

So, learn to be active, but patient, determined, but careful and the results will appear.


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