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Author: Tin Pan
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Physical Therapy and Pilates: Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates, the brainchild of Joseph Pilates, is described as a routine or fitness system. Pilates is now a very popular form of fitness regime that is being followed by millions of people in the United States.

Although Pilates is considered as an exercise that helps in weight loss, it can also be used in the form of a holistic approach that contains in achieving emotional and mental well being.

The following are some questions that beginners tend to put forward.

What will I acquire if I practice Pilates? Pilates is an efficient fitness program. You can enroll in this class if you would like to increase your body flexibility and improve on your posture.

In case you are a gymnast or a dancer, this would be extremely beneficial for you as Pilates increases strength without developing bulky muscles.

It is also helpful in increasing agility and balance and at the same time, is also effective in protecting you from incurring fatal injuries.

Pilates is similarly helpful in strengthening your back and spine, and improving blood circulation.

Furthermore, since Pilates follow the principles of centering and concentration, not only does your physique derive benefits of it, you also develop mental strength. Pilates is instrumental in relieving stress as well as anxiety.

Can Pilates be practiced in case of recent injury?

Pilates can be practiced if you have been injured recently. Regardless of your age, recent injury, or physical condition, you can opt for Pilates.

Just remember, it is better to get in touch with a commendable Pilates instructor who could help you with the moves, and also modify your regime in order to avoid straining the area that has been injured recently.

Actually, recent studies prove that Pilates is helpful in rehabilitating injuries.

Your instructor must make sure that these movements have a lower impact but at the same time, are designed to recover mobility and encourage neuromuscular re-education.

Things to wear for Pilates class:

No specific dresses are specified for Pilates classes. You can wear the usual clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in if you are going to your Pilates class.

You can also wear clothes that you prefer to use while you go to yoga sessions or the gym. However, most of the Pilates instructors prefer well-fitted clothes so that they can ascertain if you are making the right moves and help you in case you are not doing them right.

The equipment essential for practicing Pilates:

Originally, Pilates only consisted of mat exercises. However, along with the passage of time, some simple equipment has been introduced that can help you further the aims as well as principles of Pilates.

Some of these aims are resistance, alignment, control, and flexibility.

Some commonly used equipment of Pilates is the Ladder Barrel, Combo Chair, balls and discs, Reformer, Trapeze Table and Springboard.

How many sessions are essential to derive proper result?

Usually, two sessions in a week are recommended regardless of whether you are involved in group equipment/mat classes or individual Pilates sessions.

Can Pilates be learnt from videos?

Although you can learn these exercises from videos, you may fail to perform them properly. It is better to hire certified instructors in order to help you with these exercises.

What to look for in Pilates instructors?

The duration as well as quality of training is to be considered if you are on the lookout for Pilates instructors.

Even if an instructor is licensed, it does not mean that they are well trained. Another key factor that must be considered is whether the instructor is capable of modifying the Pilates exercises according to your requirements.


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