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Author: Steve Smakin
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Going through Pregnancy? Practice Pilates

Exercise programs can be difficult during pregnancy. Some might even to exercising, especially during the initial trimesters. The easiest way to stay active during pregnancy is through Pilates.

Being a type of mind and body exercise, it helps in strengthening muscles that you will be using during various levels of pregnancy. It would also prove to be a great alternative for days when you feel like exercising but are afraid of exerting yourself too much.

Necessity of Pilates:

You are probably well aware of Pilates being the latest craze, although you may not be aware of its use during pregnancy. The dynamic moves that form an essential part of Pilates facilitate in enhancing muscular endurance, flexibility, and good balance.

Pilates, introduced by Joseph Pilates in early 1900, conventionally found usage with professional dancers, who practiced it in order to develop strong and flexible muscles.

Pilates also created a regime of body sculpting activities that help in improving body posture as well as strengthening of muscles, without using weights.

Similarity with yoga:

Pilates would probably remind you about yoga with intense concentration on balance, and body position.

However, Pilates is much more dynamic compared to yoga, as you have to go through poses or movements while yoga allows you to maintain a more or less static pose.

Pilates exercises generally allow very few repetitions, and each of them are controlled and precise, and move through different planes of motion.

Since the moves are controlled, Pilates can prove to be a commendable choice during pregnancy.

This exercise allows you the time to adjust alignment and posture, thereby providing you with maximum challenge and support.

You can practice Pilates by yourself on a mat although it is advisable to do so under the guidance of an instructor. You can consult books or videos available in the market, if you want to learn Pilates while at home.

Things to do or avoid in Pilates:

As has already been said, Pilates focuses on the core strength that may lead you to overstress your abdominal muscles.

In addition to this, it may also lead to Diastasis, which is separation of abs in a later stage of pregnancy.

In case your abs are separated, you may need to avoid Pilate workout or at least modify it. In case you do not feel comfortable while on a session of Pilates workout, stop immediately.

Remember the following while you are practicing Pilates:

* Avoid the moves that need to be performed in supine position, especially during second or third trimesters. If you lie down on your back, it may cut down on oxygen supply.

* Make sure that you do not lose your balance while undergoing a workout session of Pilates. It is better to move slowly in order to avoid extending your joints.

* Please do not hold your breath.

* Avoid exercises that lead to nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath.

* If you are a beginner, stick to workouts that have been designed especially for pregnant women. This would help you to gain acquaintance with steps that has been modified somewhat in order to fit your requirement.

Exercises that you must avoid during pregnancy:

Instructors need to be extra careful with pregnant women in order to avoid later complications. It is essential to avoid exercises that may lead to diastasis.

Also, they must take precautions regarding supine exercises that involve lifting of the head or shoulders.

Thus, a number of conventional abdominal exercises may not be fit during pregnancy. It is better to seek help from professional and experienced instructors for better result and to avoid any complications later.

Go for Pilates if you are comfortable with it. However, you must get in touch with a doctor you before starting practicing Pilates.


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