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Things To Look For While Buying Pilates Mats

It is better to go through a few guidelines before you buy a Pilates mat for you. In case you do not know much about Pilates mats, let me tell you, Pilates mats that can be used during Pilates exercises. Usually, Pilates mats are available in Pilate’s studio or exercise centers.

However, most of you buy Pilates mats in order to practice Pilates at home. Though Pilates is a comparatively recent concept, it has gained popularity owing to its benefits.

Difference of Pilates mats from yoga or aerobics mat:

Mats intended for Pilates are very different from the mats used in case of practicing aerobics or yoga. This is because yoga and aerobics constitute different poses and require a firm hold as well as support, whereas Pilates needs soft bases.

Since Pilates consist of exercises meant for lower back and abdomen, it is better to go for padded mats, designed especially for this purpose.

Advantage of Pilates:

Probably the greatest advantage of Pilates, apart from the flexibility and strength guaranteed by Pilates, is its equipment. You need not spend much to practice Pilates as it is enough to have a Pilates mat and an experienced instructor to get going.

Ideally, Pilates mats must be around half inch thick in order to ensure proper support. You need to make sure that the length of your mat is proportionate to your height.

It is advisable to avoid very soft Pilates mats, as they would not be able to give you the right posture.

Pilates mats are available in varying size, shape and color: Pilates mats are available in different sizes, shapes and colors.

You can also go for rolling mats as they can be handled very easily and carried to your Pilates studio or in case you are going for a vacation.

Choosing mat for home may be comparatively difficult, as in this case, you must choose the one that goes well with your home décor and interior designing.

Also, you must keep the color of your walls and your furniture in mind before you decide on your Pilates mat!

You can also seek help from your instructor before you choose the mat because he can instruct you on the length, breadth, and thickness of your Pilates mat.

Pilates mats are available for varying budgets:

Regardless of your budget, you would be able to find a Pilates mat for you as these mats are available at varying prices. You can also get in touch with online Pilates mat sellers if you want to get a better deal.

This would also allow you to compare the prices offered by different companies. If you are looking for Pilates mats at a low price, you can even check out the second hand outlets.

Some websites also provide information on second hand Pilates mats.

Low maintenance cost:

You need not spend much time or money in order to maintain Pilates mats. However, depending upon the mat that you are currently using, you may be given a few instructions regarding how to clean it and maintain its look.

For more information on Pilates mats you can check out the mats that are available in Pilates studios or exercise centers.

Since these places usually store mats of varying sizes and shapes, they can help you to decide on your Pilates mat.

Always make sure that you are following your trainer while working out as wrong poses may lead to back pain or injuries.

Also, never overstrain yourself by increasing the number of exercises just for obtaining requisite results, faster.


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