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Author: John Pan
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A Necessary Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy living is something we all wish to ascertain. However, with a busy life where we all need to handle a numbers of issues every day, we are being constantly bombarded by scary stories of obesity epidemics and size zero phenomenons.

Actually, healthy living and maintaining the ideal weight depends on a number of factors that differ from one individual to another.

A few things to remember:

* Good health is directly proportional to a good diet. Although there are lots of ideas out there advising you on which things to consume and which to avoid, it sometimes becomes very difficult to determine the things that would be best for us.

* If you try to maintain a proper lifestyle just by being fit, it would be instrumental in boosting your energy levels as well as your metabolism.

* You can also use alternative medicine in order to be healthy. Apart from alleviating ailments, it also helps in encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy eating habits:

As we age, maintaining proper body weight and a balanced diet becomes instrumental for ensuring good health and reducing our risk of ailments.

Healthy diet:

* Include vitamins and minerals in your diet. Leafy vegetables, dairy products, apricots, spinach and bread are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin B6.

Brown rice nuts, brown bread, canned salmon, meat, fish, and dairy products are rich in minerals.

* You can have yogurt, milk and cheese if you love dairy products. If you do not love them, you can include fresh spinach in your diet as it is a great source of protein.

Moreover, it is better to refrain from consuming too many dairy products. You must always consume products that have a low fat content.

* Consume only moderate amounts of fish and meat or their alternatives like eggs, peas, beans and lentils.

* Have foods with higher fat, or sugar content, only occasionally.

Physical activities

Being active is the best way to cut down extra weight and keep fit. Various exercise schedules can help you with weight loss and make you physically more active.

Some of the activities that would help you to cut down extra kilos are cycling, football, running/jogging, swimming, walking/rambling, Tai Chi and yoga.


Although exercising is a great option, you can also burn down fat just by bringing about few changes in your routine: the following are some of them:

* Use staircases instead of lifts.

* Keep walking even if the escalator is carrying you up!

* Opt for walking or cycling instead of driving for a short distance.

* Park your car as far as possible.

* Spend time on exercises like yoga or swimming in your lunch hour.

The benefits of exercising:

Let us go through some of the benefits of regular exercise:

* Boosts emotional wellbeing:

If you can spend time exercising, even light exercises would be helpful in boosting your mood.

Furthermore, some of the more intense exercises are also capable of stimulating the production of mood elevating compounds like endorphin.

* Decreases the risk of getting heart disease:

In case you are overweight, you are more susceptible to heart disease. Cardio vascular functioning can be improved through exercise.

* Revitalizes mind:

Since exercises improve blood circulation, they are helpful in revitalizing your mind.

* Decreases the risk of getting diabetes:

People who are physically active have lesser chances of developing diabetes as exercising increases your body’s capability of using sugar for energy.

* Other benefits:

Some other benefits of regular exercises include increased strength, improved sleep pattern, improved energy level, increased bone density, longevity, and pain relief.

Maintaining a healthy diet along with regular exercising can work wonders in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you think that you are maintaining a healthy diet and so you don’t need to exercise regularly, you are mistaken. A balanced diet combined with a regular exercise regime is the only key to a healthy lifestyle.


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