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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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Hollywood is not famous only because of the movies that are made there, but also through the celebrities' life styles.

One of the latest trends is HCG diet, this was discovered some decades ago and today is enjoying a real success because it makes possible to bring you to the initial weight before pregnancy in just a few weeks.

Even men can try it and have noticeable satisfactions in a short amount of time.

The diet is relatively expensive and it requires the doctor's surveillance. Still, there are many reasons to worry for the ones that are thinking or are on the verge of starting the HCG diet.

Hypo-caloric diets are extremely unhealthy.

The ones that try them are exposing to a serious risk of malnutrition and vitamins or other essential substances deficiencies.

Practically, it is impossible to satisfy your body needs with a diet that assures an intake smaller than 800 kcal a day. The promoters of HCG diet usually recommend the usage of vitamins and minerals supplements.

Although these can be useful, they are not a sufficient replacement of healthy, adequate nourishment.

Extreme hypo-caloric diets can favorite the apparition of gallstones.

HCG diets slow the metabolism.

These diets determine the body to enter a sort of hibernating mode, along with lowering the metabolic processes. After this, it will be a lot more difficult for reducing your weight.

HCG diets are not sustainable.

Although, usually they lead to a significant weight loss, these diets are so radical that are very hard to follow, even for a short amount of time.

Some people are enthusiast when they heard about it, then cross in some agony weeks because of the starvation, after what they lose weight they are very happy.

Afterwards, they come back in steps or instantly to the old life style, so they finally regain all the lost kilograms or even more. Experimenting repeated weight loss cycles are not healthy at all for your body!

HCG diets are expensive.
The financial loss after being on the latest diet is not new, but every time it happens it makes you sad and less confident in you.

At the end, think about this: during pregnancy women gain weight. Some put on them even more than 10 kg.

If HCG, a hormone specific for pregnancy, really had an effect above weight, wouldn't pregnant women lose weight?

Some of you may object that HCG produces the morning nausea, but most of the pregnant women gain weight in spite of nausea form the mornings.


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