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HCG Creams And Their Best Usage

Although it is effective for rapid weight loss, HCG has always been in controversies. HCG is a hormone that is produced in a pregnant woman’s body to metabolize the fat.

Dr. Simeons claims that HCG is effective for weight loss. He combined HCG shots with a very low calorie diet to create a crash diet plan which would treat obese people in a jiffy.

The results of the HCG diet plans are very fast. HCG for weight loss has gained popularity because it is a very convenient weight loss tool in this time of crisis.

The HCG diet plan works when the HCG hormone is combined with a low calorie diet. The HCG hormone is either injected, or taken orally or applied as a cream.

HCG is available in various forms – Injections, Solutions and creams. Creams are considered to be an easy way to get the hormones.

HCG Creams may also have better absorption than the injections or the solution. But along with the HCG creams, you need to adhere to a very stringent diet plan.

This diet plan restricts your calorie intake to just 500 calories per day. You breakfast may consist of only liquids, be it water, tea or coffee and that too without any kind of sweetener.

For your lunch and dinner, you can have one serving of fruit, one serving of vegetables and one serving of starch.

You are not allowed to consume any kind of fatty substance like oil or butter. The HCG diet plan also gives you a list of all the possible foods that you can eat.

Like all HCG shots, even creams have their own draw backs. HCG creams may pose some serious threats to your health.

HCG creams are said to trigger gall stones and kidney stones. Having headaches, fatigue, acne and excess hair growth are some of its side effects.

The only difference in using a cream and the other forms of consuming the HCG hormone is the ease of use. HCG creams are definitely easier to use.

You don’t have to take the pain of the needle, no bruising, lesser chances of infection etc. Some people may still choose to have injections as they might have a greater effect.

The HCG cream is the best option in terms of application.

Since the cream is very convenient, people don’t hesitate to take the proper dosage and hence, improve the weight loss protocol. The HCG creams are best bought online. HCG drugs are not available off the shelf.

HCG is controversy’s child. Since its inception, HCG has been in constant controversy. The food and Drugs Association has not approved of the HCG hormone as a weight loss therapy.

FDA holds the low calorie diet responsible for the weight loss instead of the HCG hormone.

Although FDA has approved of HCG being beneficial for some male and female reproductive problems, it has still to approve HCG as a weight loss treatment.

The HCG injections and the solutions have been around for a long time, but the HCG cream is a pretty recent alternative to the painful needles.

If you can undergo a painless therapy, then why opt for needles in the first place. The HCG cream is very easy to use. It can be used daily without any professional help, unlike the injections.

The HCG diet plan has helped millions to get in shape. It is more popular among obese people as it facilitates quick weight loss.


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