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Author: Steve Smakin
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The best diet plan for fat people – The Fat Smash Diet!

If you are looking for a diet plan that can help you improve your eating habits and help you inculcate exercise habits as well, then you can easily try the fat smash diet.

The diet involves four phases, and if regularly followed, can work wonders for those people who have suffer from obesity and weight loss problems.

How was the Diet Created?

This particular diet was first time created for a show that was aired on VH1. The show is popularly known as the Celebrity Fit Club, and the diet plan has been created by Dr. Ian Smith.

Four phases of the fat smash diet:

First Step:

The first step involves the process of detoxification. The phase stretches over a period of nine days, and the main aim during the first phase is to flush out toxics from body.

Even the mind has to learn to get rid of bad thoughts. This can help you lose around six pounds of weight.

Second Phase: 

In the first phase, you are asked to avoid some particular food items. But, in the second phase, you have to add them to your diet all over again.

These food items include meat and seafood. You are also asked to look into the portion or quantity intake. The key, therefore, is to exercise control and have small portions, instead of having large portions at a go.

Third Phase:

In the third phase the dieter is required to create a plan and he/she is asked to eat according to it. Hence, the dieter has the liberty to add those food items to it that they truly enjoy eating.

However, remember to have sweets or bread items in small portions, if they are included in your diet by you.

Fourth Phase:

This particular phase of the fat smash diet has to be followed for your whole life. Hence, whatever steps have been followed during the first three phase will have to be followed during this phase.

This diet is effective since you lose a lot of weight during the programme. This happens only because a lot of calories are removed from your diet. You are also required to do a lot of exercises.

What makes this diet really interesting is the fact that you are suggested to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

You also have to avoid items such as caffeine and alcohol. It’s best for you to have herbal based tea and avoid fatty food items. The key is to plan your meal.

During the second phase, you should include food items such as meat, fish, turkey, eggs, cereals and cheese. These items are highly nutritious for your body.

However, you must avoid fatty food items such as meat that is high on fat, and pork. Remember to add bread and pasta during the third phase. 

You must avoid sugar based drinks completely if you are looking to keep fit. Processed juices, whole milk and soft drinks have too much of calories in them.

You can add vegetables to your sandwich and make a lettuce, tomatoes, carrot sandwich.

In a nutshell, if you are really looking to lose weight in a smart way, then switch to the fat smash diet.


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