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Author: Steve Smakin
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Cheat Yourself to losing weight and dieting

Not all diet programmes permit you to enjoy one such day every week when you can eat whatever you like. The Cheater's Diet is however a little different.

During this diet programme, you are allowed to or rather adviced to take rest during the weekends.

The credit for developing the cheater's diet goes to Dr. Paul Rivas and he firmly believes that this is the best way to shed weight.

So, if you are looking for a diet programme that gives you the liberty to relish a chocolate cake on the cheat day, then start following the cheater's diet right now!

Cheater's Diet:

Dr. Paul Rivas is of the opinion that when we start placing restrictions on ourselves and avoid stuff that we like, we tend to overeat. In most cases, the dieters will have the banned food item even more when they are advised otherwise.

Hence, cheater's diet is the best way to shed extra flesh and kilos and still enjoy the food that is otherwise not as healthy.

During the cheat days, dieters can have any food that they like the most. However, you are supposed to eat healthy food items on the rest of the days and engage in more and more activities and physical exercises.

So, if you feel like having that chocolate ice cream or cakes, don't ignore your urge, instead have it on the cheat day (during weekends).

Hence, while you can continue to follow a strict diet for five days, you can enjoy 2 cheat days (starting from 9 am on Saturday morning till 9 pm on Sunday night). 

Food You Can Consume during the Weekdays:

If you are planning to take up the cheater's diet on a serious note then you will have to have lots of healthy food products during the weekdays.

- Have lots of fruits such as orange, grapefruit, blueberries. You can also consume fruit juices. Fruits have very little calories in them and they offer nutrition as well. You must also include vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are good for maintaining body weight.

Since vegetables provide fiber to our body, they are an excellent source for nutrition. Eat vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots and lettuce. They will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins.

- You can also have dairy products such as milk, cheese, eggs and yogurt that have very little fat content in it.

- Consume whole grain as they are very good for your body and overall health. 

- You can also have peanuts without any salt or oil added to it.

Food You Can Have during the Weekends:

Weekends is when you get to enjoy your cheat days as per the cheater's diet. Hence, you can have below mentioned food products during the weekends.

- Consume slices of bread with a little butter.

- You can also have different types of chocolate.

- There are a variety of ice-creams available in the market and if you are fond of ice-creams then have it on the cheat day.

- You are also allowed to have meat during the cheat day. Consume chicken or beef, depending on your liking.

- If you are fond of pizza then don't hesitate, order for one on weekends. You are also allowed to enjoy wine on the cheat day!


Cheater's diet requires you to have food in the Mediterranean style i.e. having more vegetables and fruits. By following a low fat diet containing products and balanced protein, you allow your body to shed extra pounds easily. Try the Cheater's diet - it is simply irresistible.

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