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Author: Steve Smakin
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Awesome Tips on Steps in Diet

A number of research studies conducted in recent years prove the fact that smart food choices work a great deal better in slowing the pace of aging, prevent disease, increasing the level of energy, and help in weight loss.

Although there are a number of headlines that prove the contrary, the fact is that it is easier to decide on the choice of foods that are healthy than even most people can think of!

Follow some rules to increase intake of healthy food

You can follow some simple strategies in order to have a balanced diet. Although these strategies appear simple enough, these steps are extremely powerful and would help you a lot if you can adopt these steps in your diet.

If you can follow these simple steps, you would be able to increase your intake of the powerful and essential nutrients like antioxidants, fiber, vitamin, and minerals, and at the same time, reduce the intake of harmful products like fat, sugar, salt and the extra calories that your body is not in need of.

Increase your protein intake

Optimum level of protein intake is essential for maintaining muscular strength and body mass and it is helpful in keeping the immune system more active.

Usually, people on low fat diets tend to decrease the intake of proteins at the same time as they eat lesser meat, and some even stop them completely.

It is not essential to eat meat in order to add protein to your diet, but you need to add some
alternative food in order to supply the necessary amount of protein to your body.

If you wish to give up meat, you can add its substitutes in your diet like soy food, dried bean, or eggs.

If you are planning a balanced diet, you must keep an eye on the level of your protein intake, as these are the most filling of all the nutrients and has the capability of keeping you satisfied and prevent hunger until your next meal.

Add calcium rich foods to your diet

All of you know that calcium helps in building strong bones. Calcium is also essential for your body in order to maintain a normal blood pressure and even works towards preventing colon cancer, and a few other vital diseases.

Your intake of calcium must be around 1000 to 1200 milligrams a day. You can increase the intake of calcium by consuming more of dairy products or can add its substitute to your diet plan in the form of calcium rich soymilk, yogurt, or cheese.

Increase the intake of fruit and vegetables in your diet

It is advisable to have around five servings of fruit and vegetables in your diet every day. With its bounty of fiber and other essential nutrients, fruits and vegetables act as an essential preservative against heart diseases, cancer, and a number of other health issues.


Apart from adding to your diet the above said things, also remember to exercise and work out regularly, as this would be helpful in maintaining a fit and healthy body.

Also, try to avoid foods that are very rich in fat like cheese and dairy products. If you follow these simple steps in diet, you will be assured of a fit and healthy body.

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