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Author: John Pan
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Top Exercises for Flat Abs

If you are really serious about getting flat abs, then you need to seriously work for it. There is no time to think. This is the right time to start working towards your goals.

So what should you do? There are many exercises that can offer let you achieve dream abs. This article will focus on top exercises for flat abs. Here are 3 fabulous exercises that you need to practice religiously to achieve your goals.

* Exercise 1 - Run:

One of the best exercises to trim your abs is to run. Yes! You need to run longer and longer. This is very helpful in eliminating excess flab from the abdominal area. When you run excessively, fats stored in your body’s cells start dissolving at a faster pace.

The fat losing process takes place instantly. As soon as these cells start melting away, it becomes really easy for you to reduce the size of your belly. You can thereafter tone your abs accordingly.

All you require doing is to run for at least half an hour each morning. This is quite helpful for you to lose fat around the abdomen area.

You will also notice that your waistline is getting thinner day by day. Do not over wok your body. Start the regime at a gradual pace and then increase the speed and time of running accordingly. Listen to your body.

* Exercise 2 – Floor Exercises:

Floor exercises are ideal for achieving flat abs. There are many of these exercises that you can practice in order to achieve your goal. These exercises are also known as bridge or plank.

These work towards putting impact on the core muscles of abdomen. These muscles are usually enclosed around the spinal area. Tightening of these muscles make them tight. You need to lie down properly to practice these exercises.

Lie down on a mat flat and place both elbows under the shoulder. The elbows need to be stretched apart. Contract abs and try lifting whole body in a way that shoulders, abs and feet support the entire body. Make sure you hold on to this position for at least 1 minute.

You abs should be pulled in tightly with slow breathing pattern. Repeat this exercise for about 3-4 times initially and then gradually increase the repetitions.

* Exercise 3 – High intensity exercises:

High intensity interval training is also known to be highly beneficial in trimming abdominal area. This is also known as advanced level of exercises.

The training is divided in to a session that lasts for about 20 minutes. This is further divided in to 4 intervals. You need to run for 2 minutes and then sprit for up to 3 minutes. Repeat it two times.

Practicing all the exercises mentioned above religiously will help you achieve flat abs sooner. You need to practice consistency in order to get desired results.

Do not take long breaks. This may break your routine and reduce the impact of exercises around abdominal area.

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