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Author: John Pan
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Want to Shed Weight? Take the Blood Type Diet

Not many people must have heard about this new diet programme called the blood type diet. They are of the view that there is no such diet programme since there is no apt scientific reason behind the same.

However, this is not true, and you can always take up this kind of diet programme if you are planning to undertake one.

History behind the blood type

The credit for creating the blood-type diet goes to Peter D'Adamo. He wrote a book named "Eat Right 4 Your Type" in which he mentioned that weight can be lost easily by simply understanding the genes of every human being, especially the type of his blood.

He was of the opinion that by having foods based on the type of blood, a person can lose weight much faster. While this is yet to be proved scientifically, D'Adamo believed in it and suggests that every blood group can have specific kind of food.

Food Classifications according to Blood Group:

O Blood Group

Those people whose blood type is O are referred to as 'hunters'. Many dieticians believe that this is the blood group that has given birth to all the others type of blood groups.

By their very nature, hunters are physically strong, and are known to hunt and fight for food in order to feed their family.

Since this kind of an activity requires the person to have a lot of meat, hence D'Adamo believes that O blood type people should consume lots of meat related items. This will help them in shedding weight easily.

Food you can consume

The key is to consume food products that are rich in protein and have very little carbohydrates in them. So, if you have the O blood type, then have fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

You also need to avoid cabbage, corn, lentils and wheat related products that have gluten in it. By consuming these food items, one tends to put on weight.

A Blood Group

People who fall in the A Blood Group are referred to as 'cultivators.' Such people extracted food from plants. Hence, they should avoid meat related items to a large extent.

Food A Blood Group Can Have

Those people who fall in the A Blood Group category should follow a diet that has low fat based items and high carbohydrate related products.

Have lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, seafood, legumes and grains. Avoid dairy products since A Blood Group people have thick blood. If possible, indulge in yoga and calming exercises.

B Blood Group

The B Blood Group people are considered to be 'Nomadic' in nature. Since, Nomads believe in wandering around here and there and do not settle in a particular place, they are supposed to be strong.

Also, nomads have different types of foods every time they shift to another place, and they have the capacity to digest a variety of food items easily.

Hence, according to their blood group, these people can have dairy related products without any problems.

Food B Blood Group People Can Have

Since D'Adamo believed that B Blood Group people are omnivorous in nature. Such people can consume dairy products, meat, fruits, beans, legumes and vegetables.

They should also engage in moderate exercises hence they can also play games like tennis and indulge in swimming.

AB Blood Group

The AB blood group people are referred to as 'Enigma.' Such people have a good digestive system and they can consume dairy products and food that has protein in it. You can also relish meat, fish and fruits and vegetables.


You can consider the above mentioned points before planning your diet. However, it is always good to have a balanced diet, if you wish to keep fit for a long period.

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