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Author: John Pan
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Kidney stones: Foods to stay away from

Kidney stones have become a cause of concern for many, these days. Poor diet and eating habits tend to cause unhealthy solid formation in the urinary tract and kidney. These are very painful and harmful for the body.

Medical experts agree with the fact that certain foods can cause kidney stones in the body and avoiding these foods can result in keeping the body away from these harmful stones. Here are some foods to avoid when are suffering from kidney stones or at risk of developing some.

Kidney stones can be categorized in to 4 primary variety; namely, Struvite, Calcium, Cystine and uric acid. About 80 per cent of kidney stones comprise of calcium deposites. These are primarily of oxalate type.

This makes great sense to avoid certain types of foods from your diet you need to eliminate foods high in oxalic acid. Spinach, Eggplant, Peanuts, Sweet, Potators, Almonds, Cocoa, summer squash and tomatoes contain high amounts of oxalic acid.

Intake of high quantity of animal fat can increase the risk of getting kidney stones. This is duet to the capability of animal fat to release calcium in the body that can also result in unhealthy calcium build up. However, this does not mean that you should stay away from dairy products.

Dairy products are not so rich in calcium. Human digestive system has been designed in a fashion to break down dairy products in the body without any difficulty.

The dairy products are broken in a way that most of the nutrients are maintained and wastes are flushed out via the kidney.

According to many studies and researches, grape fruit can enhance the risk of kidney stones in the body. Hence, it is good to avoid intake of excessive amount grape fruit juice.

You should also stay away from sugar and sugar products. Sugar has a tendency to extract calcium from the bones. Thereafter, it sends the calcium to kidneys prior to passing out as waste via urinary tract.

This will make the urine rich in calcium resulting in enhanced risk of developing a kidney stone.

This makes a lot of sense to avoid all kinds of foods that can extract water from the body and dehydrates it. These include Alcohol, Coffering, Sugar, Calcium etc. 

On a mission to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones in the body:

    •    Spinach
    •    Tomatoes
    •    Grape fruit juice
    •    Sugary treats
    •    Egg plant
    •    Summer squash
    •    Peanuts
    •    Almost
    •    Sweet potatoes
    •    Cocoa
    •    Caffeine
    •    Alcohol
    •    Salt

In case, you do not find any significant changes or relief via eliminating the above listed foods from your diet, it will be wise to consult a health care practitioner.


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