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The lack of attention for your partner's needs is the factor that leads in most of the cases at infidelity and divorce.

Find out which are the biggest dangers for any marriage.


Premature marriage

Couples who marry at a very early age risk the most an early breakup.

People change a lot between 19 and 25 years, so they can find out that the one they've married are no longer compatible.

Working far from home

If the financial problems oblige one of them to accept a job in another town, marriage can be in danger after a few months
, because
telephones and online communication can't replace the time spent together.

Supplementary hours
If it's always dark when you get home, your marriage will suffer.

A loving partner will encourage his spouse to dedicate to an important project,
but when supplementary hours become a habit, they can lead to problems in any marriage.

The inequitable split of household duties

When they are shared equitable, household responsibilities become a good factor for your marriage.

But if only one of you has to take care of the most things, the situation can lead to negative feelings in time.

Too little time spent together

In case you don't spend time together anymore, with pleasant activities for both of you, your marriage will have to suffer. The holidays spent together, the going outs in your town are very important in a marriage,
if these things are absent, you spouse may search for an emotion link, but outside the marriage.

The lack of approval

When you show to your husband that he constantly disapprove you, you risk precipitating the end of your marriage.

Marriage is based on support!

Occasions for infidelity

Are you constantly refusing to go with your spouse to the events related with your work? You make your own program? When one of the spouses offers to the other repeated occasions to complain of abandon, marriage is in danger.
Find pleasant activities for both of you and common friends for avoiding this.

The lack of communication about love making

The communication about the sexual desires is essential for a marriage's health, claim the psychologists.

If you avoid the subject and you don't accept any change when your partner tries discussing about your sexual live, you create a risk for your marriage's future.

The absence of common interests

Hobbies and the activities that are a pleasure for both of you are a very important element of your couple life.

If each partner has his own interests and there are no common activities, at least one of the spouses will search for this connection outside the marriage.

The lack of equal contribution

When only one of the partners has the financial worries and the house holding
, once time will pass, he will start feeling used and the marriage can fall apart.


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