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A dominated woman speaks little, is vulnerable and introverted.

Women who marry abusive men become in their hands only instruments for satisfying and immeasurable pride or personal needs.

In such situations, we are facing failed relationships, unhappy, in which the man is a constant threat to the woman.


Here are 7 signs that a woman is dominated by her husband.

The wife does not have her own friends

When the husband controls his wife, the last one is obligated to give up her circle of friends, breaking her ties with them.

The more isolated she is, the more vulnerable she becomes for the one who controls her, having less chances to receive outside support.

The wife is not encouraged to pursue her own career

To a wife dominated by her husband professional skills and accomplishment are not recognized.

Generally, a woman is discouraged to have a career and many women dominated by husbands have a poor education and live in a very limited universe.
A dominant male tends to find all kinds of excuses and obstacles for his partner not to work outside their home and not earn her own money.

Woman’s domestic duties are her responsibility and are set by the husband.

In a relationship where the husband dominates his wife, he sets all the woman’s domestic duties.

In some cases, permanent control appears on stage, as an employer-employee relationship, in which there are deadlines
. This ongoing surveillance of women increases her stress level and reduces the ability to resist.

The lack of moments of tenderness or fun

A wife found under the husbands control, is most of the times, a woman who does not smile.

The vacations, the pleasure of shopping in town, the walks in the park, the spoiling at a beauty salon are things that a woman has no access to.

The woman has no say in the house or outside it

In these cases, most women have no personal voice.

Even if she has opinions, she does not speak them, for the fear of causing an aggressive reaction from her husband.
Whether it’s about chores, or a decision about money or the baby’s education, a dominated woman has nothing to say.

Lack of appreciation

The wife who is controlled by her husband never receives compliments from her partner and is not appreciated for what she gives to her family.

For this reason, there are great chances for a woman to underestimate herself.
She has a bad opinion of her own person and sometimes she feels like she does not deserve more from life.

Vulnerability to talk about her own relationship

A woman who is unhappy in her relationship has difficulties in talking about her partner.
If he mistreats her in some ways and controls her, a discussion about her relationship can cause strong emotional states.

In the end, domination is no good; either we are talking about male domination or female one. Try to find the balance in your love life and if it seems impossible to you, let it go!


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