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Aware that there is no such thing as perfection, we still get up every day with the desire to be perfect in almost every way.

Even when it's about "us" in a relationship, from all the fierce desires of achieving the finishing touch, the one of being the "perfect wife" is on most people's lips.

I do not know which members of a couple earnestly fulfill their dreams of being a perfect wife/husband - it seems to be the unnecessary pressure of women over their own selves, but sometimes the absolute fulfillment of the projection of men - "I want a perfect wife," they say assert.


Regardless of from where the wish comes, the first question to try revealing the mystery is what actually means the "perfect wife"?

Except for those few situations where perfection is defined by the subjective and rather inner terms, "she is perfect because she's special, because nobody smiles as she does ..." (some men claim), in most cases the concept of "wife a.k.a. perfect wife" is like a full option car. At long way, you can count on it, but also be comfortable.

She has some specific attributes,
confirmed by the British researchers who are also good when it comes to cars.

So, a wife must be at least 3 in 1: a perfect mistress, a perfect housewife and a lady in society. It's Britain's scientific discovery, but also the society's instinctive conclusion.

Everything has an explanation:

Sexual satisfaction remains in trend
- the primary priority of men. But they will not necessarily want a professional, but rather an open mind to accept new erotic experiments, even for the sake of defeating routine.

On the other hand, recent generations have abolished the myth of the perfect housewife.

Men, as studies have shown it don't see any more the perfect housewife in the woman who spends all her spare time in the kitchen, but rather a woman who occasionally surprises them with a more special dish who is constantly taking care of the house and children.

Most of them prefer to eat out or to take out near a happy and rested woman happy in the expense of a sad homemade dinner.

This classic "society lady" reflects man's desire to have an intelligent woman beside him, to cope in society and whose image to flatter him.

Another British study concluded:

The secret of success in a couple is a woman smarter than the man.

Published in "The European Journal of Operation Research", the study drew a clear line:

An intelligent woman and socially active will be, on long-term, a more interesting partner, a teammate that does not get boring, at least in terms of dialogue.

Still, the research did not stop there:

The scientists from Geneva Business School calculated
a mathematical formula for the perfect wife and thus for the successful marriage:

5 years younger with the same cultural background, but smarter than him.

Now, we basically know what researchers, what most men say, the only thing left it is finding out
what women want when it comes to reaching perfection.

Most times, they want to be themselves,
without masks and any kind of knacks to becoming perfect which in fact is translated trough the fact that they want to "be loved just the way they are" by the one to whom they share their lives - even if they struggle to learn a new recipe or a new extravagant sexual technique.

Then, besides the desire to keep the passion alive, in other words, to keep a man faithful to their relationship, she enters the adult game called "the pursuit of perfection" more for them.

Because, the more they like themselves, the more powerful they become.


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