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Author: St. Pan
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A line from a movie that caught me at dawn is suiting perfectly for the present article. A woman explains to a gentleman who chases her that she doesn't believe in premarital sex.

An accidental listener asks, confused, "but what other type of sex is there?”

Well, it doesn't in many cases.


This is a real posting discovered on a site that I won't reveal to you:

"I have a magnificent husband, responsible, caring and honest, but the problem is that we have sex once or twice a year.

He works full-time and he is extremely tired when he gets home - he fell asleep before 7 p.m. when he was a bachelor, he used to have numerous sleepless nights and to go to clubs, but now, since we are married, he acts like a retired person even if he is only 35 years old.

I thought at an "alternative", but I don't want to break my wedding vow.

I kept telling him, before and after marriage, that passion is very important to me.
Do you think that passion is important in a successful relationship?"

the sex therapists would come and say that this is the classic case of what the Americans name "sexless marriage".

We are talking about roommates with husband certificate.
According to the last statistics it is estimated that about 15-20% of the married couples are so.

The general opinion is that, if we are talking about not less than 10 intimate games per year, than that marriage is in numbered in this case.

Of course, some psychologists claim that if, still, people are pleased and fulfilled even if they are in this situation, then you cannot consider them as issued husbands.

Still, in the honest surveys, both men and women, no matter if they are taken or not, complain that sex is a real problem.

A very meaningful example is that, in 2009, 2 psychologists from United States interviewed 1000 women from the entire world and gathered in a book 200 reasons for which they have sex with their partners.

Extremely often mentioned were "to get rid of boredom", "to keep the peace between us", "to assure myself that he carries the garbage".

To sum up, 84% of women have sex to assure their selves a "peaceful" life or to pay in advance some sorts of tasks specific for house holding.

Moreover, men also "have" headaches, and badly and often. The general believe is that especially women tend to refuse sex after they got married and, eventually, had also kids. There are numerous jokes on this subject, with the ladies and their suddenly crashed libido.

Researchers already stated that feminine hormones and the feeling of "committed relationships" lead to a lowered desire.

What to do in these situations? Don’t panic.

Every problem has a solving!
A lowered desire is to be expected when we are talking about long and stable relationships. Try to reset your desire by using the tricks from the beginning of your relationship and read some more articles from on


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