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Articles about what you should tell a woman, how you should treat her, what would she like, are everywhere.

Still, do you, men, really know what we don’t want to hear? made a list for you with the most uninspired men's lines for their partners.


How much do you weight?

No matter which is the nature of the curiosity or how it came out, women prefer to hide their weight in front of the men around them.

As this is a subject as sensitive as the age, it would be best for you, gentlemen to avoid bringing into a conversation the weight issue.

How many partners did you have before meeting me?

You would say that men should understand best that this question is not at all a comfortable one.

Generally, women are the ones who have this curiosity and they try to find out the answer from their partner, but men are not at all different when it comes to this indiscretion.

Gentlemen, do not ask a lady about this! In addition, just for the record, there are very big chances for her to lie you, so you didn’t solve anything.

You are exactly like your mother

All women know that, in the end, the features they saw a lifetime at their mother, might transfer to them either.

There is no need for you to use this information for criticizing a woman, especially if it is very clear that her half doesn't agree too much with the mother-in-law.

Moreover, in most of the cases women don’t want to end up being like their mothers and they are afraid of that. If you tell her that, you will feed her fears and hurt her.

How much money did you spend on…?

In the very moment in which you ask a question like this, women translate it into "I think you uselessly spent money on a product you'll never use".

Women don't want to hear these sorts of lines from the men they share their lives with.

The money is already given, so if it pleased her and it’s not ruining you, don’t spoil her thrill.

Do I really have to clean up?

For a woman, this is rather a rhetoric question!

When she is handling all the housekeeping, her partner should at least give her a hand.

This wasn’t requested back when the men provided the finances and the woman was preoccupied only with the house and children, but know, when the activities are almost even, this change is mandatory.

In conclusion, gentlemen, try not to express certain dissatisfactions thourgh these lines, as they sound very unpleasant for a woman. Try to approach the issue with a less aggressive and offensive means.


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