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When you share the responsibilities with the beloved one, you actually work for your relationship.

The correct sharing of the duties is a good sign for the longevity of your relationship.

The tradition according to which the woman makes everything regarding house holding begins to disappear, especially with the help of the young ones, who prefer to split their home duties, especially when they both have jobs.

If all the duties are in the responsibility of a single partner, frustrations and tensions may appear.

All these can be avoided trough an equitable arrangement.

The secret of marriage's longevity

A study made of the researchers from London School of Economics succeeded to prove the utility of sharing responsibilities of house holding, by gathering information for 40 years.

The study was made with the participation of 3.500 married couples form Great Britain and showed that sharing duties when it comes to house holding is directly related to the relationship's longevity.

Marriages where men contributed to household tasks proved to live longer that the ones in which the duties were for exclusively for women.

The elimination of the problem with responsibilities by employing maids or baby sitters didn't influence the couple's dynamic.

Negotiating the sharing of tasks is the best solution for the satisfaction of both partners.

Sharing household tasks, influenced by education

It seems logical, because sharing household tasks is a novelty by comparison with the old, traditional rule, which was used for centuries. Therefore,
at country side and in small towns, where many women are staying at home, women spend considerably more time for housekeeping than urban areas.

As we move to big cities
, where many traditions died, women seem to work less for all these because they have the help of their husband.

Of course,
the open mind of the men accepting to share responsibilities is also the result of his family education.

This way, if he got a rigid education, in which the father made all the decisions and only went to work, while the mother had to keep the house clean and look after children, he will accept harder this almost new concept.

By participating to housekeeping, men help the marriage with more than the physical work, necessary to accomplish these.

It means support for the wife and it offers the feeling of a team, which is the essence of a marriage.

The equitable sharing, in both partners vision is an important condition for the health of each relationship.


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