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Spare the Rod: Let the Child Develop

Using rod or spanking the child has been a common technique most people used to train and discipline their children.

This technique is not new. In fact, it has been used for more than centuries by people across the globe. However is it the right technique? Are you aware of the harmful effects this may have on your child?

Experts in the field of child psychology fell that it is necessary to spare the rod if you you’re your child to develop in a better way.

The method you use should be tactical. Spanking comes with a lot of disadvantages. You need to decide on sparing the rod.

Why do you spank a child? If it is about his habit of lying, breaking things or low academic report then you need to get to the root of the problem rather than spanking the child every now and then. Let us discuss this in a more elaborative manner so that you get a deep insight to this.

Spare the rod when the child lies

So you are fed up of your child’s habit to lie every now and then. You spank him today. What is the result? Does he stop lying?

No. The problem is not solved even when you have hurt your child mentally and physically. The key is to get to the root of the problem.

Know what makes the child lie to you. Is he afraid of you? IS he afraid of someone threatening him or is there something that disturbs him. It is simple. At what situations do you lie? You would do this to defend yourself or get away from something.

Your child does the same. If he lies, he wants to get away from something or is afraid to face a certain situation. Spanking will make him feel terrible.

He will not be able to share his feelings with you. The solution here is to speak to him and gain his trust. Let him know that you are with him and will help him. Your child will confide in you once he trusts you and consider you as his friend.

Spare the rod when he breaks things

So you get angry when the child breaks things. Is he really worthy of a punishment? No. It is simple. Glass and delicate items are meant to be broken if not handled with care.

Do you remember breaking the glass accidentally when washing it? Did anyone spank you? You must have felt really bad about the expensive glass you broke. The child also has the same emotions.

He is too small to handle delicate things and gets shocked when things get broken accidentally. Shouting at him and spanking him will threaten and depress him further.

Your duty here is to teach the child how to handle delicate items and make him understand the consequences of breaking a glass.

Spare the rod if he is not faring well in exams

Your child did not fare well in exams. He deserves a serious spanking form you right? Absolutely wrong! You must know what makes him fare so bad in the exams.

Understand what makes it difficult for him to concentrate on studies. Does he need assistance? Help your child fare well by encouraging him and helping him in studies.


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