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Playing Well is Good: Help your Child

Do you encourage your child to play well? This is very important to do. However, most parents tend to ignore the importance to allow the child play well their friends.

If you want to encourage healthy growth of your child, it is important to promote healthy playing. Here are some tips to ensure that you are on the right track to help your child.

First you need to observe your child’s reaction when he joins a group or gets together with other children from the family.

Does he plays well and shares his toys? Most children tend to give rise to a huge fight when they play with other children.

The main reason behind this is that the child is not willing to share his toys or belongings. The problem may seem to be very small.

However, it is important to give focus on this matter. This is the way you can help the child grow well.

Make your child share things with other children. This may be a little difficult for you in the beginning, but you need to work for it. There are several methods you can adopt to do this. These include the following:

* Reward your child when he listens to you

* Appreciate every effort of your child that goes towards sharing his things with others

* Create an example via sharing things yourself with other

* Do not allow your child to play with his favorite toys or to watch his favorite cartoon unless he shares his things with others

* Strictly refuse to invite his friends home if he does not want to share and play

* Tell him stories about sharing things and benefitting from them

* Quote instances from your life and tell your child how you benefitted by sharing things.

Encouraging your child to play well should be your motive. Make sure that you do a lot of efforts here. Try to spend quality time with the child and play with him well.

This way you can teach the child how important it is to behave while playing. Teach your child to be fair as far as possible.

Keep tabs on the child when you see him play with other children. Do not allow him to play if you see him behave badly with others of refuses to share things.

Set some rules and make it very clear to the child that he has to follow these rules.

Do not encourage aggressive behavior of the child. Try to intervene the moment your child getting aggressive.

This will help you deal with the behavior well. Do not shout or yell at the child. Your main motive should be to talk to the child and make him feel as comfortable as you can.

Find out why your child behaves in a certain manner. Talk to the child and come to a solution as soon as possible. You may even visit a child counselor to get adept solutions.


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