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Successful Parenting: What to Focus on?

Most people are not aware of the simplest rule about successful parenting. They simply fail to understand that the art of parenting needs some efforts on the part of the parent.

If you are a parent and fail to include creativity and compromise in to parenting skills then you may fail to be a good and successful parent.

It is imperative for every parent to make efforts towards knowing their children and what needs to be done in order to match up with the child’s personality.

The concept may sound to be a bit confusing but it is simple if you want to make a successful parent out of yourself.

Here are ten things to focus on in order to ensure successful parenting:

1. Growing Child

Do you understand that your child is growing and his needs and aspirations are changing with everyday growth of his?

It is very important to know that the needs and personality traits of your child were different from what they were a month or year ago.

Keeping up with the pace may be a difficult task but it is worth trying. Talk and behave with your child as per his age. Your child will do what you do. Try behaving as you would like him to behave.

2. Listen to your Child

Most parents do not give much importance to listening to what their child has to tell them. This is where they fail to be a successful parent.

Listen to your child carefully and answer his/her questions. This may be a little difficult and irritating but the efforts are worth made.

Clear his questions and queries. Understand that a child is just sharing his thoughts and feelings by asking questions from you.

3. Reward your Child

There is no doubt that you have understood the value of punishing your child when he does something wrong. However did you ever try to reward him for doing things that you wanted him to do?

Just try doing this and you will notice that his faults and mistakes are considerably reduced. He will focus more on doing what pleases you.

4. Share your Experiences

Sharing your experiences with your child will make him trust you more and inspire him to do his best.

Share some of the blunders you have committed in your life and tell him what you have learnt from these mistakes.

5. Spend Quality Time

This is one of the best things you can do for your child. This is a way to make your child feel that he is important in your life.

6. Comfort the Child

You must have ignored the importance of comforting your child but this is really important to develop a bond with your child. Know that your child can be scared, hurt, or sad and needs your support.

Tell your child that you are there or him whenever he wants. This will make him share things with you.

7. Tell your Child where he went Wrong

Communication is very important. Keep it clear. Tell your child that you got hurt and he did something wrong. Let your child know that you are angry. This will help your child not to repeat what he did.

8. What you Want

Does your child knows what you want form him? Then it is certainly not his mistake if he did not stand up to your expectations.

9. Express your Love

Remember how you used to lift and hug your child when he was just a year old? What happened now? Do you love him less?

Your child wants to know how much you love and care for him. Express your love from time to time.

10. Discipline

Discipline is the key to successful parenting. You need to maintain discipline to make a good human of your child. Punish him only when required. To err is human. Let your child learn from his mistakes.


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