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Teens Getting in to Trouble: Warning Signs

Handling teenagers can be a real tough task. This is difficult because children themselves are undergoing many problems in their lives; physically, mentally and academically. The hormonal changes make them vulnerable to mood swings which can affect their temperament.

They are attracted to a lot of wrong things at this stage. The studies get a little harder and the pressure of expectations from parents and teachers is difficult to handle.

All these problems can easily lead them to the wrong path of life. This is where they can get in to wrong company, take in to drugs, become victims of sexual abuse and so on. Hence it is important to keep tabs on their growth and actions.

Burdening them with restrictions and snatching away freedom from them is not the solution. You need to be friends with them.

Talk to them as you would do with your friend. There are also certain warning signs that you need to look for in order to know that your child is going on the wrong track.

Here are some of the most common warning signs to watch out for:

The Behavior

It is normal for your teenaged son or daughter to throw tantrums at this age. However, a stark change in his/her behavior especially if it gets distasteful and disrespectful is a sign that something is going wrong somewhere.

The child should not get rebellious to an extent that he forgets to respect you. The solution here is to keep control over yourself and talk to your child normally. Let him/her tell you about what makes him/her behave in a specific manner.

Significant School Grade

The child who has been faring really well in school for so many years suddenly sees a dramatic drop in grades. A slight change is normal but too low a grade for an otherwise intelligent and bright child is not acceptable.

Try to find out what’s going wrong in the school. Talk to his/her teacher and keep a check on the attendance.

In case, you find something wrong, keep monitoring the child and talk to him when the time is appropriate. Make him understand that he/she can confide in you.

Switch of Friends

Your child has always had a set of friends but has now switched to a new group altogether. This is a cause of concern especially if he/she is in wrong hands. Try getting in touch with his old friends and know what went wrong.

Excessive Secrecy

This is very dangerous. If your child starts hiding almost everything from you, it is time to get alert and know what’s going on in his life.

There should not be any communication gap between you and your child. Once this starts happening the relationship may land up in difficulty and so does your child.

Loss of Appetite

Did you see sudden decrease in your child’s weight? Is there a loss of appetite? This is also a warning sign. Your child may be in a wrong company, take to drugs or is facing depression.

The key to get your teenager child back on track is to talk to the child and ensuring your love and care to him.


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