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Your Child is getting Teased: Intervening and Helping Child

No parent would like to witness or hear about a situation where their child is getting teased or bullied. In fact, as a parent you would want your child to be liked by all and treated well. Unfortunately teasing is something every child has to face in life.

You would be really surprised to know that even the coolest kid have gone through different stages of teasing in his life.

However this does not mean that you should stay away from intervening or helping your child cope up with the situation. The reason is that some kids are teased and bullied more than others and this can hurt the child a lot.

If you have been noticing that your child is getting teased for a while now, then you must take some measures to help your child. Here are some steps you can follow in this regard.

Step 1: Listen to your Child

It is very important to listen to your child and understand the whole situation. Your child may need you and want to confide to you. Just sit with the child and listen to what he has to say. Do not start giving lectures until you have understood what he wants to convey.

Step 2: Know if the Child needs help

You must ask your child whether he wants you to speak to the school authorities. A little bit of teasing is ok.

However sometimes things tend to turn ugly and the harassment becomes too much for your child to handle alone. You need to jump in to the arena to help your child. This will let your child visit the school and activities without any problems.
Step 3: Non-aggressive Measures

Make sure that you teach your child some non aggressive measures to handle teasing. Teach your child to tackle the situation verbally. He can say "Stop teasing me." Showing aggression or indulging in a physical fight can hurt your child.

The key is to help your child stand for himself. If your child asks you why can’t he bully the one who tease him, just tell him that stooping to such levels is not good for a decent child like him? Let your child know that he is good because he does not stoop to teasing others.

Step 4: Appreciate

Too much of teasing can shake your child’s self confidence and esteem. The child will feel terribly depressed and ashamed of himself. You need to boost his confidence. 

Appreciate his positive points. Let your child know about how capable he is. Reward him for his achievements.

Step 5: Let the Child know what makes others tease

You must make your child understand why others tease. This will help him, cope up with the problem well. For instance, you can come up with the following reasons listed below:

* The teaser is unhappy and wants to make you unhappy
* Teasers are insecure fellows who have failed in their missions
* It is the way teasers have been treated
* The family life is disturbed

The basic idea is to make your child feel better and deal with the situation bravely. Following the steps mentioned above will definitely help you.


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