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What to do When Your Toddler Bites

Your toddler is cute, smiling, chubby and adorable. You are really proud to have such a beautiful and active child. So what is the problem? The problem is serious and something that makes you feel embarrassed.

Your cute toddler will definitely make you feel embarrassed by biting everyone in public. This is joke because it really hurts when your toddler bites.

This may become really difficult for you to handle at times. So what to do exactly when your toddler bites? Is there an easy solution? Well there is a solution. Listed below are some tips to help you deal with this serious problem.

A child bites first when he/she starts teething. This is a stage when the child starts feeling curious about things around him and bites them.

Doctors usually recommend giving teething toys to chew and bite. This is natural. However, toddlers biting may be a different situation altogether. It is not uncommon for a toddler to bite but it may create problems for you and others.

Tips to deal with biting toddlers

Children lack in good communication skills. They are sometimes unable to express what they feel. They may feel depressed or irritated for certain things but may not feel comfortable or successful in conveying it to you verbally. Frustration may cause your child to bite.

The best thing to do is to understand what your child wants to tell you. Make the child feel better and you will not regret it.

* The child should be given a proper routine to follow. For instance, you should allow him to have affixed nap, eating, playing and bathing time.

This will keep the child happy, relaxed and healthy. A happy and healthy kid will seldom bite.

* Do not keep your child hungry. This is also one of the reasons that most children bite. You keep some healthy snacks around to subside your child’s hunger.

* Make your child understand strictly that such a behavior will not be tolerated. The child needs to understand that biting can lead to your anger and punishment too.

* Appreciate your child when you see that the child has started to listen to you. Reward her each time she controls her urge to bite.

* Try to intervene as soon as you see the child getting in to biting. The best thing to do is to take away the kid from the area immediately.

* Sometimes the child bites because she needs attention from people around. Spend quality time with your child and give her a lot of attention. This will definitely help the child come over the habit of biting.

* Ease the child. Talk to the child and know what problems she is facing. Gaining the trust of your child is the best way to eliminate some of the bad habits in her.

The key to reduce and finally eradicate the habit of biting in toddlers is to understand what lures them to bite.

Once you are successful in determining the problem, deal with the problem immediately. The tips mentioned above will definitely help you handle the problem.


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