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Teaching Children to Share made Easy

One of the most difficult things to do for a parent is to teach their child to share. This is difficult because a child usually has a tendency to take control over things he has. He believes that he possesses whatever he has in hand.

The concept of sharing comes only when a child become a little mature. For instance, a child enjoys sharing his food with his friends in school. Children learn to share things as they mature. Sometimes this is not as easier as it sounds.

This is because children learn from what goes around them. If you want your child learn the art of sharing, it is important to help your child in to this.

Here are some easy ways to teach children sharing things and grow up as better humans as you want them to be.

Children are selfish

You cannot expect young children to behave as adults or mature beings. They are kids and want 100 percent control over things they possess.

Sharing does not come easily. Your child will definitely have a problem giving away something that he/she is fascinated with.

This is the situation every parent faces. You need to make the child understand that it is not good to be selfish.

Try quoting simple yet interesting examples in the form of a story. Children understand the language of story much better than anything else.

You can narrate a story to a child in which how a child suffered a lot due to his selfish behavior and how another child was rewarded with all that he wanted because he shared his things.

Sharing cannot come naturally

If you thing that sharing is instinctive with children, then you are absolutely wrong. This is not the case. Children are not born to know sharing.

In fact, a child would want all the things around him. He would not share them even if you yell or shout. Your main motive should be to teach the importance and benefits of sharing to the child.

Here are certain some tips to follow:

Strictly avoid criticizing the child for not sharing things with siblings or friends. Labeling him as selfish and criticizing him time and again will depress him. Handle things with love and care.

* Do not force your child upon sharing everything he has. Understand that some things you’re your child considers special and would not like to share. Respect the feelings of your child and he will listen to you more readily.

* If your child is possessive about certain thing, let the child understand that other children are also possessive about their things. Start respecting the child’s possessions and he will respect it for other’s too.

* You need to lay down some rules as early as possible. Your child must want her friends to visit home to play.

Tell her strictly that she will be allowed to call her friends only if she will share her toys with them. This will encourage her to do her best when it comes to sharing things.


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