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How to Handle Physical Aggression in Children

Physical aggression in children is not unnatural. In fact it is a common behavior that most children display. However, sometimes, it becomes really embarrassing and problematic for parents when the child starts pulling hair, biting or rolling themselves down on the floor.

This is a very difficult and sensitive situation to handle. You need to focus on planning some strategies to get your child out of this dangerous behavior.

Some amount of aggression is not bad but when this habit becomes out of control, you must take measures to help your kid.

There are several measures you can take in order to help your child come out of his aggressive behavior. Here are some ways to help you deal with the problem.

Identify Aggression Attacks

There may be times when your child may act bizarre. This may be when he wants to sleep, is very tired or hungry. You need to determine what actually leads him to aggression attacks.

If you observe that your child gets very angry when he does not get what he wants or when in any kind of physical or mental strain, list these situations out.

This will help you plan accordingly. Once you are successful in determining what triggers aggression in your child, you can take control of the situation in a better way.


Do not wait till the child gets out of control. You need to intervene. For instance, if your see your child screaming, yelling, kicking or indulging in any other kind of act that displays physical aggression, intervene as soon as possible.

Do not wait until things get serious. You need to remove the child from the spot and try to calm him. Try to count till 10 and make the child feel comfortable. Talk to him and let him know that you are with him no matter what.

Reasons for the Behavior

If you seriously want to find a permanent and successful solution for your problem, it is important to find out the reasons for the aggressive behavior of your child.

Know what makes your child behave in a certain manner. There may be many reasons for this behavior of your child. Your child may be stepping in to his teens and finding it difficult to cope up hormonal problems.

The child may be suffering from a health problem. There may be problems in his school or college. The diet may be playing havoc.

The child may be scared or disturbed by something going on in his life. Understand that you cannot expect your child to get control over his aggressive behavior unless you find a solution of the problem he is actually suffering from.


Taking your child to a child counselor will definitely help. The counselor can help a lot in finding out the exact problem and solution in order to eliminate excessive aggression you’re your child’s behavior.

Do not overreact when your child behaves aggressively. Find out a solution for the problem and you will see that your child has gained control over his behavior. Exercise patience to correct the behavior your aggressive child.



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