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Helping Young Children Sleep without Losing your Sleep!

Many parents across the globe face the problem getting their children to their beds at night. In fact this is the problem they have been facing since their child was small.

They try all sorts of things including bribing their children, threatening them, beating them up and a lot more.

However nothing seems to work for them. Bedtime has always been a troubling issue for parents. However, it is also true that by following a few simple tips and some discipline, parents can make the bedtime routine a peaceful and pleasurable event for them.

The key is to get to the root of the problem. You need to know why the child does not sleep instead of raving or ranting at them.

Understand that young children do not possess as strong communication abilities as adults do. They are usually unable to express their feelings or the fact that they are afraid of dark and loneliness. Here are some tips to help you make young child sleep without any difficulty and for a long time.

Understand Fear

Most children are afraid of dark. They also face anxiety at bedtime. You need to offer them love and comfort they need at this time.

They may fear anything from monsters to devils or snow monsters they have seen on cartoon shows or heard about in stories. Do not ridicule your child. Understand the fear of your child and assure him that you are there for him.

Plan Bedtime Schedule

You need to prepare your child for sleep. You cannot expect your child to suddenly stop playing or watch TV and jump in to his bed.

Work on a schedule to prepare the child for bed. Make sure that the child’s bed is prepared at same time daily.

Maintain a routine such as a massage, hot bath, playing with toys, feeding milk or switching off the lights and TV. This will help the child understand that it is sleep time.

Arm you Child

When you arm your child with weapons that he can use against the monster he is afraid of, he will feel confident.

Give him a toy gun, special flavored milk or a lotion that repels the monster. The child will feel protected, powerful and can sleep easily.

Avoid Violence and Horror

It is very important to avoid your child indulging in watching horror movies or too much of a violence. This can disturb his sleep and yours too. Keep him away from these shows. Encourage him to hear stories of courage and valiance from you.

A Special Companion

It would be great to give your child a companion of his choice to sleep with. This may be anything from a large cuddly teddy bear to a stuffed animal or a special toy. This will help the child sleep well.

Night Light

Using a night light will definitely help. In case, you observe that your child is afraid of dark, you can try using night light.

Bedtime Clothes

Allow your child to choose his own bedtime clothes and music. This will prepare him for sleep.


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