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Helping Children Cope up with Exposed to Shocking Events

It may be really difficult for children to cope up with shocking events. They are small and unable to cope up with such situations in a mature manner. There may be many shocking events that may put negative impact on children. Hence it is very important to try all your efforts to make your child feel comfortable at all costs. In case, you fail in doing this, it may ruin their life forever. Here are some helpful tips to make sure that your child is ok and have managed to cope up with the situation.

Talk to your child

The most important thing to do here is talk to your child about what happened and why it happened. It may be a little difficult to make the child understand certain complex situations such as terrorism or natural disaster. However, you need to take out some time and let the child understand the complications.

Let the Child Talk

Listen to the apprehensions and fears of your child. This will allow you to know how the child feels. Try to answer as many questions as you can. Children tend to develop many different feelings in their heart. They would definitely require the answers for them. It is your duty to talk to your child and listen to what the child says. Spending quality time with your child is the key to help the child cope up with shocking events.

Develop Hope

It is true that whatever happened was not right. However this does not mean that the child should lose hope. You must explain the child that there is hope. Tell your child that things will definitely change. Your instructions will help the child grow normally after what has happened.

Deal your Child with Love

Remember that the shock your child has gone through was not easy for him to deal with. Give him all your love and care to help him deal with what has happened. Try not to yell or shout at him for some time. Understand that the child is scared and not in a position to deal with any other shock.

Keep away the News

Strictly avoid your child watching or hearing news. The media exaggeration may scare the child more. If you want to keep yourself updated, make sure that you listen to or watch the news only after the child has gone to sleep.

Talk Positive

Try not to talk to the child about things that have gone wrong. This may put a negative impact on the child. You need to talk to your child in an optimistic manner. This is the best way to support your child and help him to cope up with the shock.


Ask your child to focus on the present situation and plan for a better future. This way, you can divert the mind of your child from what has happened to what will happen tomorrow. Help your child believe that whatever has happened will not affect his future. The key is to keep an optimistic approach with the child.


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