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Helping Children Conquer Their Fears

Fear is a natural emotion a child faces. This can be little troubling at times but you need to know how to help the child deal it. Helping a child conquer fears can be a little difficult at times but you can easily do this by following some tips and rules given below. The key is to know whether your child is really scared. Here are some signs that tell you about the fears of your child.

* Your child has very few friends outside a certain group or family.
* The child throws tantrums.
* The child is embarrassed or feels ashamed of making mistakes.
* The child fears about visiting school.
* The child does not want to visit other places.
* The child feels embarrassed or shy away from meeting new people.
* Your child does not talk to people.
* The child constantly worries about security.
* You hear your child talking about monsters at times.
* You see your child facing difficulty in making friends.
* The child seldom joins a group or takes part in an activity.
* Daily tasks become difficult for the child.
* The child worries about things before they happen or occur.
* The child does not want to go out and play for some reason or the other.
* The child complains of stomach pain just before appearing for an event.
* You find your child facing difficulty in sleeping or frequently complain of nightmares.
* You see lack self confidence and low self esteem.
* The child becomes restless at times.
* The child sweats a lot and is unable to relax.
* The child is extremely alert and refuses to be a part of social gatherings.
* You see your child indulging in repetitive undesirable actions repeatedly.

Above stated are the signs that your child is scared and constantly haunted by fears. This is also a sure shot sign that your child needs immediate attention and help. Now it is time for you to sit with the child and understand his difficulty to be able to support him. Remember that your support and love can only help him overcome fears.

First you need to teach your child some effective relaxation techniques. These are really helpful. These include deep breathing, counting till10 and keeping the eyes closed for a while. These techniques must be followed at a place that is peaceful and calm.

Give your child the power to fight off the fear he has in his mind. For instance, you can give your child some sweet concoction to say that he will become strong with this and will be able to fight off that which scares him.

The best and the most effective thing you can do are to take the child to a counselor. This will let you know about some effective tips to combat fear. Last but not the least; make your child feel comfortable. Assure him that you are there to help and he can confide in you anytime he wants.


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