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Boundary-Setting for Your Child: The Significance

Setting boundaries for your child is important. In fact most parents would agree with this. This is a way to tell your child what is wrong and what is right.

This will help him lead a disciplined life. You need to draw a crystal clear line between behavior that is acceptable and unacceptable. This can be really hard at times but you need to excel the art to make your child a good and successful human being.

Here are some tips to help you in this regard:

Consider the age of your child

You must consider the age of your child when setting limits. For instance you cannot expect a child aged 2 to learn table manners.

You need to try this only when the child reaches the age of 4. This is a stage when the child mimics what elders do and grasp things easily.

Similarly you can train your child for potty when he is 1-2 years old. If you understand what age is appropriate for a child to learn specific things and adapt to certain rules, you can easily set boundaries and obtain success in training the child.

Play a role model

Do you expect your child to follow simple rules that you do not follow yourself? If yes, then it would be almost impossible for you to set a boundary and limit the child. Your child looks up to you for certain things. You need to play role model for him.

For instance, you cannot teach your child to use dustbin to dump trash if you do not use it yourself. Play a role model to your child. He will follow you.

Set boundaries with care

Too many rules, regulations and restrictions will stifle your child. You need to be very selective when choosing a boundary for your child.

Do not depress your child with too many rules. Rules for everything he does is depressive. This will also make them feel that they cannot do things in right manner. Restrictions should be imposed only on very crucial things.

Make child understand the importance of boundary setting

It would be wise to explain the importance of boundary setting to your child. Once your child reaches a certain age, tell them how they will get benefitted by certain limitation.

You can quote examples from your own life and the boundaries your parents set for you. Let your child know about the benefits you gained from these.

Do not be too rigid

Being too rigid will not work. You need to be a little flexible with your rules and regulations. This will be a great sigh of relief for your child too.

Bring changes or set new boundaries as your child grows. This will help you and the child to maintain the dignity of boundaries. Setting rules keeping in mind the physical and metal status of a child is really important.

Remember that kids are kids. They would act like kids. Give them some breathing space and love. They will behave better.


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