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Spanking is Dangerous for your Kid: What to do instead of Spanking

How did you feel the first time your child entered in to this world? You must be the happiest person on this earth.

Your main aspiration must have been to keep your child protected from all kinds of problems, troubles and make a good human out of the child. 

As the child grows, your concerns also grow and you get stricter with the child. Unfortunately most parents tend to take up spanking as their bets and only technique to make their child understand things.

They spank their children if they:

* Do not eat well
* Lie
* Misbehave
* Break things
* Do not do well in their exams
* Do not listen to them
* Fail to live up to their expectations

Well, the list is endless. The above stated were only some of the incidents where the parents do not think twice before spanking their children.

Parents think that the best way to tame a child is to spank them. However they do not realize that this method can actually ruin their behavior, personality and life. Some of the side effects of spanking a child include:

* He will be afraid of you
* Lose his confidence
* He will stop trusting you
* He will stop loving you
* Make him feel you do not love him
* Hurt him physically leading to serious problems
* He will not respect you
* Leads to abuse
* The child gets mentally upset

It is very simple. Imagine someone making you do a task with a gun on your head. You will surely adhere to all he says but what will you do the moment he takes the gun off your head? Will your motive be to perform better?

No. Your first motive will either be to take revenge or run away from the site never to return again. Similarly you need to understand the psychology of a child and yes, he is just a child.

It is no wonder that children can get very difficult and impossible to handle at times but this is how children are. How can a 5 year old behave as a 35 years mature individual?

There are many other ways you can use other than spanking to get effective results. Here are things to do instead of spanking to handle your child in a better way.

Let them learn from their mistakes

It is difficult to see your child getting hurt mentally or physically and this makes you spank them so that they can avoid doing what they do.

For instance you tell your child not to jump as the place can hurt him. Spanking thrice will not make him lose curb the urge.

However if you let him jump under your guidance and let him face the consequences, he will never jump on that specific place again.

This is because he has understood the result. This does not mean that you will allow him to play with fire. Let him fall and rise under your guidance.

Speak to your child

Speaking to your child and making him understand that certain actions of his hurt you and lets you down will leave an impact. He would try not to hurt you again. Hurting him physically just because he hurt you may not impress him or make him realize his mistakes.

Punish him

Spanking is not good as it may hurt him physically and mentally. Try punishing him instead. For instance you can put a ban on watching TV, reduce the time he spends with friends, cut his pocket money etc. This will serve your purpose and save him from getting physically hurt.

Question your Child

Try asking your child why he did something you strongly disapproved of. Listen to him. Give him a chance to explain things. This will make him realize that you are important to him.


Give warnings to your child and explain him about the consequences of the repeating the mistake.

Spanking cannot bring you desired long term results. If you want to develop a good personality of your child, you must spare the rod.


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