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Author: Gloria V. Pan
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Power Struggles: Tips to deal with Power Struggles

There is no doubt about the fact that dealing with power struggles is the most difficult thing about being a parent. It is extremely difficult to deal the situation where the child does not get what he/she desires.

It is surprising but true that these kinds of struggles can start off as early as the child attains the age of 2.

There are times when the child carves for testing his/her limits. Here are certain things you can do in order to deal with power struggles wisely and effectively.

First you need to understand that your child is exuding a positive behavior in a certain fashion. When a child gets adamant on getting what he wants, this means that he developing a behavior where he gets clear about his goals and will not take a ‘no’ for an answer.

Try to encourage this behavior of your child. This will do him a lot good in future.

Arguing with the child will not take you anywhere. This will not reach a solution. It is a natural tendency of a child to throw tantrums. Be mature and handle the tantrum in a positive way.

The best thing to do here is to lay out certain situations that will the child understand that he is wrong and you are his well wisher.

Most parents tend to make an issue out of nothing when it comes to handling their kids. However experts from the field of child psychology recommend avoiding having unnecessary tiffs with the child. Remember that you will not achieve anything via making a mountain out of a molehill.

You can try and make the child understand the difference between little disagreements, and big troubles. As a mature individual, you must focus on the big picture of life. Try ignoring small and insignificant problems.

Make sure you never compromise on certain rules and principles when dealing with a child. Remember that it will be easier for your child to break other rules easily once he does it without any reaction from your side. However losing your cool is not the solution.

Make your child understand that you do not approve of what he/she did and you are hurt. Getting a little angry and punishing he/she will also do. Strictly avoid giving corporal punishment to your child.

When dealing with power struggles, you must keep tabs on your emotions. It is very easy to give out your anger and frustrations on your child. However you need to keep a control over your emotions especially when dealing with your child.

This is how you can make things cool and easier for your child. Over reacting can spoil things in the long run.

If you focus on following these simple instructions stated above, you would be able to handle power struggles with your child easily.

The rebellious behavior of a child cannot be handled by losing your cool. Handle things strategically. This is the question of your child’s future. Hence you require being a little tactical.


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