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Fading Friendships after Baby

Most women fear that once they deliver a baby, they would just remain a mother who talks only about her baby. The problem is that most of the time, they end up doing exactly the same. They become busy with the baby and nursing work so much that there is no time left for themselves.

The life literally circles around changing diapers, feeding the baby, cleaning mess and singing lullabies. This sounds very scary. However, this is the life most mothers lead.

Is motherhood all about fading friendships and having no life of your own? Certainly not! Motherhood is a very special feeling for a woman and it would be wise to let it remain that way.

You do not require sacrificing friendship and fun after the bundle of joy arrives. Motherhood and personal life can be balanced well if you want to. Here is how you can balance motherhood and friendship easily and effectively.

Here are some tips to avoid friendships to fade away once the baby arrives:

* Enjoy motherhood for a while:

If you have just delivered the baby, then it would be wise to leave everything apart and enjoy the joy of motherhood.

This will give you enough time and care that you and your baby require. Nurse your baby for a while so that you feel the closeness. This will help you know what motherhood exactly is. This will also get you create a bond with your child.

* Do not detach yourself:

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to completely detach yourself from the outside world just because you have become a mother.

Instead invite your close friends to come over and meet the baby. You can also fix up a small party or get together so that all your close friends and relatives come over and meet the baby. This will let you spend some quality time with old friends.

* Call up your friends:

Having a baby does not mean that you stay away from your friends. There are many ways in which you can maintain contact with your friends again. Try calling up your friends and have a chat on telephone or online while your baby sleeps. This is a great way to stay in touch.

* Social networking sites:

Connect with your pals on social networking sites. Introduce your baby’s pictures so that you can maintain the joy of motherhood and enjoy friendship as well.

* Socialize:

Hire a baby sitter if you can and socialize with your close friends as often as you possible. You can spend an hour shopping for yourself and party out once in a while.

Don’t feel guilty:

Do not feel guilty about leaving the baby home. Instead balance the act. Spend quality time with your child.

Take him/her to places that are meant for children’s amusement. Play with your child as often as you can. Spending quality time with your child will not leave you feel guilty about leaving your child alone when partying.


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