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Sometimes it can be difficult to discipline your little ones.

Still, don't forget that once you've established some disciplinary rules it is mandatory for your little one to know what would happen if he breaks them.

Though, you are also liable to make disciplinary mistakes.


Read the article below and see which they are and how to avoid them.

Avoid losing your temper in front of your child

It is difficult to remain calm when the little one makes some serious damage.

Usually, it happens right after you had a very rough day at work.

try to avoid raising your voice. Eventually, ask the daddy to talk with him, while you calm.

Try to be more positive

"Don't eat so many sweets", "don't touch that", "don't hit your brother"… and the list of interdictions can continue. It is good to impose some limits, but try to rephrase them, so that they won't contain the negation.

For instance:
"play nice with your bother", "eat less sweets, because you may feel sick later" etc.

Avoid giving too many details in an explanation

Try not to detail too much when you explain to the little one what he did wrong. For you it seems logic, but
if you give too many information you can confuse him badly. Be brief and clear for his age!

Keep your word

"You are grounded! Shut down the computer! This time I meant it!”

Try to avoid not keeping your word,
because they will get used to it and stop considering your lectures.

If you know you won't punish him, then don't threaten him!

Punish him, when needed, but in that very day

Treat immediately the problem; don't let it for the next day.

Otherwise he will forget what he did wrong and he won't understand the punishment.

Alternate the authority with indulgence or protection

Usually, parents adopt only one of these types when they educate the little one.

try to alternate them, because the little ones also have bad days, when they are more sensitive.

Respect your own rules

You should also respect the rules you imposed him, at least in front of him.

Because you will lose credibility and the rule will become compromised!

The power of the example values everything in education!

Involve with the father in your child's education

Avoid breaking the rules that your husband imposed, or vice versa.

Even though one of you is more indulgent the punishment will be as a consequence,
the rules must be the same! 


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