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Both partners have their own ideas regarding childhood.

Most of the couples have different expectations and controversial beliefs about each one's duties.

If you want a higher involvement from your partner in your child's education, offers you some strategies:

Encourage your partner to spend time with the child

There are many reasons why dads restrain from taking care of the newborn.

Babies can be frightening, because they seem so fragile and if they don't have any experience with babies, they can feel worried.

It requires time, observation, support and practice for teaching a daddy how to take care of his baby.

Dads have the same rights like moms

Society seems to forget that children's education is made by mothers and fathers, together.

Therefore, why putting so much accent on mother and child? Moreover, a child doesn't come with a manual, it is a real process of learning both for mothers and for fathers.

Babies need predictability and security
, which they obtain when mom and dad constantly and adequately answer to their reactions.

When fathers spend more time with their kids, they come to know what exactly each sign of the baby might mean. This thing allows the familiarization of the dad with his parental rights.

Support each other

Parenthood is one of the most tough, yet beautiful jobs from the world.

It is very important to talk with your partner about how you can support each other.
You have the possibility to admit regularly that dad brings him food, gifts and offers him love, but he also has to be grateful that the little one has a caring and loving mother like you.

Have faith in him and let him handle alone with the little one

It may be difficult to fully discover if he is a good father and if he handles caring the child when you permanently there.

Unconsciously, you can help him when maybe he doesn't need the advices you give him, which he might see as critiques.

If he regularly spends time alone with the little one, he will discover his own style and way of handling the problems.

Talk with your partner about your purposes as parents

We are not talking here about what diapers to buy or how to decorate the little one's room.

It is very important to have some talks about the vision that you have about your family.

You could start by writing the answers to the questions below:

What I hope for my child to become in life?

How do I see the parent role? What kind of parent do I want to be?

How long and what interactions do I want with my child?

What beliefs do I have about what mothers/fathers must do?

How would I like to be treated in case the other one doesn't agree with me, regarding child's education?

How could I support best my partner?

How could I support best my child as a parent?

In the end, the child must be raised by both his parents.

In fact, he is the result of their contact! 


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