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Author: Gloria V. Pan
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Dating for a Single Parent: How to make Things Easy

Being a single parent is not easy. You have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. Since you are the only parent to the child, you want to take good care that he/ she does not feel deprived of anything. You would feel quality of leaving the child alone at home and go out with friends. So dating seems out of question.

Is dating a sin for single parents?

Do they require staying deprived of their right to have a partner to share their lives with? No. single parents have full right to make efforts towards finding Mr. Right or Ms. Right for themselves.

However, it is important to avoid neglecting your child when doing this starting a new relationship is a commitment. You require spending time with each other. This may make your child feel neglected.

So what should be done? How to keep the child happy and indulge in a dating relationship at the same time?

Here are some tips for single parents to start off a relationship without neglecting their children:

* Keep your self esteem high:

Being a single parent is not a sin. This does not give you a license to get rejected. In fact, there are many other single parents across the globe looking for a partner for themselves. You can find a partner for yourself if you make a thorough research.

* Do not cling on to the child too much:

It is true that your child needs you. He needs your care, love, attention and affection. Since you are a single parent, you may want to give double dose of all of these. However, this may spoil your child and make your life miserable. Spend quality time with your child. Love him/ her and give attention to his/ her studies.

You need to draw a line between loving your child and becoming obsessed with the child, caring for your child and worrying and giving attention to the child and making him the center point of your life.

* Focus on quality than quantity:

It is natural to feel guilty about the fact that you are away from your child. However, it is not wise to spend time with your child in a manner that you are just around him watching TV while the child is playing. Are you really spending the time with your child like this?

No, you are watching television which means the child is getting neglected. Instead try to spend quality time with your child.

Try taking the child out, play his favorite game, help him with home work, listen to what he has to say etc. This will make him feel contented.

* Spare time for yourself:

You should keep some time spare for yourself. This is the time that you devote completely to yourself. You can date, meet people or make efforts towards finding a partner for yourself.

Dating is not difficult for single parent provided you take care of the points stated above. Best of luck!



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