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Author: St. Pan
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Ornamental walls may give more aesthetic meanings to the Feng Shui practice for gardens.

Their characteristics can vary greatly, but they must be located properly. Here are some useful points to keep in mind if you intend to build such a wall garden, in Feng Shui purposes.

First of all, verify the position where you want to place the wall.

Located right in the place where the star of the mountain it will bring good fortune on the relationships, on the social plan and even love for the occupants of the house.  

Here are some basic rules:

- As usual walls are built to a considerable height above the ground;

You really need to make sure that the site is not blocking the sight of important doors. 

- The decorative wall height does not matter as long as it is not allowed to dominate the surroundings.

This symbol of the mountain must complete the house or building, creating a support for her and bringing additional aesthetic landscape.

Therefore, ornamental walls built for Feng Shui should never overwhelm the surrounding environment.

- If you have the wall water fountain and Jacuzzi type devices that throws water in a pool, make sure the water runs into the house.

Or building direction, and lest they depart from it.

This is because you should not destroy wealth luck while you turn on the relationships. 

- 5 is ideal that the ornamental walls to occupy the sector of the 8 flying star of the mountain and never the corners where the 2 or 5 mountain star are present.

Because this way you will activate these poisonous numbers.

As 2 and 5 are numbers of earth, building a wall in the location would increase their strength, drawing on household misfortune.

However, if you have already built a wall where these numbers appear as stars of the mountain just planted ivy covering the wall and control the earth element. 

- Any wall is always more beneficial if it is built behind the house, not in front.

However, if the Mountain Star 8 is in front, it becomes beneficial to placing an ornamental wall.

Note that many of the diagrams from 8, the phenomenon of "double 8" (both 8 water star and that of mountain flying in the same sector, either at the back or front of the house or building).

In such cases, you should decide which of these stars you want to enable. You can activate both, but it must be proceed intelligently.

For example, you can build a wall and an ornamental pool next to it, which appears in the 8 double stars.

However, in doing so, there is a risk that the auspicious mountain stars to "fall into the water." It will depend on the depth of the water.

Typically, to make sure it will not be wasted where eight of water and mountain stars appear together; it is recommended to turn, according to the small tai chi, both auspicious stellar numbers in the rooms inside the home. 

- Finally, you must ensure that cleanliness is maintained ornamental walls.

They should never be invaded by ivy, unless it is needed to tackle the energy of a particular wall.


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