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You can attract even more love, attention and friends in your life by using the ancient Feng Shui art and aromatherapy.

It is one of the most tempting remedies and it delights your senses.

Aromatherapy represents a very pleasant way of calling the healing energies in any space. 

But how does it work and act? 

Aromatherapy is a small secret used for thousands of years in order to put the brain at work.

Do you know that
the smell will activate more your brain quicker that sight?

In the moment when your nose feels a certain smell
it's creating immediately neuronal links that send to the brain the information that that certain thing emanate.

you can also use this technique for influencing your clients, colleagues, superiors, family, strangers and even yourself.

These are specific scents used for making the links between your brains and psychic.

Basic scents used in Feng Shui aromatherapy 

floral scents combined with essential oils can create a unique product that helps in energetically cleanse of a space and creating an equilibrium between the vital forces.

The main floral scents and their effects are presented below: 

White magnolia is used for connecting the healing energies  

Camellia rosa betanzas is a moderator of energies, facilitating the harmony between various types of energies that work together 

Common Bugloss
(Anchusa officinalis) is an energy provider, which enhances the resonance of energetic components from floral oils and scents. 

The scent of a Feng Shui master is either
white or pink magnolia.

They provide
"linking energies" for that a space be energetically balanced. 

is used for purification on all levels, in all aspects of energies from a space. It transmutes the negative and very old energies from the structure of a home. 

Red clover
is an energizer, by amplifying the positive energies from a home:

it increases the frequency of vibration up to a very high level, it calms, brings warmth and intimacy, wealth and general mood of joy. 

White lilac
is a transformer of the home's chi as it turns the negative energies into positive ones by attracting peace and harmony, both indoors and outdoors. 

Garden Angelica
is an aligner, meaning it fixes the energies so that they are on the same line with house's orientation.

Also, it centers, straightens and aligns the energies' personality within a space, making them into a complete harmony with Mother Earth and Universe.

Valerian root
is a harmonizer, bringing balance in all the energetic aspects of a home, including meridians, chakras and outdoor and indoor atmosphere.


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