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Having a garden is a real blessing and taking care of it is an excellent activity for relaxing, reducing stress or it can be even a spiritual experience. It is indicated to have a special space for flowers, for vegetables, for playing (if you have children around you) and for fun.

The Chinese philosophers in Feng Shui say that if you live in harmony with nature and you synchronize your life with Earth's rhythms, you will feel satisfied by all aspects.

However, as we are different from the other,
the garden that would represent each of us is different.

Thus, as the representational condition is mandatory, before creating our garden, we must find out which would suit us.

And what best way is to find out this, if not by taking a look over the existent types of gardens? Consequently, there are some acknowledged styles in arranging gardens and, no matter what type you'll pick
, it must represent you and be in complete harmony with the general style of your home. 

- The abstract garden
has as particularity the symmetry.

It enhances
a wide range of plants, flowers, fences, alleys and water. It is based on contrast and equilibrium.

Moreover, it is especially beautiful, but very hard to make.

- The Mediterranean garden is especially met in areas with hot and dried summers and gentle winters.

In it, there are used
plants that resist to extreme dryness.

In addition,
irrigation system is required in a garden that baths in sun all day long. Such a garden allows equilibrium between light and shadow.

-The Zen garden is the embodiment of spirituality, simplicity, understanding, calm, gratitude and complete harmony with the universe.

In most of the cases, there are used
rocks and sand.

Plants and flowers have their specific roles and each inch must be carefully arranged. Also, water cannot miss from this picture.

The yard-type garden has been used since romans and they have as distinct sign the existence of higher fences, so that it offers intimacy. Usually they are full with flowers, vegetables, plants, trees and a source of water.

-The garden with herbals
is seldom met, as it is fully dedicated to eatable and medicinal herbs.

-The mixt garden
is the most frequent and it offers a combination of flowers, plants, vegetables, trees etc. The point is there is now pre-established plan when creating and maintaining it.

Attention must be paid for the garden not to look messy, but attractive.
-The secret garden is everyone's favorite.

It is the place in which you can retire peacefully for being alone, with you, or with the chosen ones. It is a place when you can meditate, relax, charge or make love.

, it must be well hidden from curious people and wind's coolness.

It is the ideal place for good-smelling plants and flowers.

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