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As our life is harmonized with the spirit of the space we live in, it is very important to pay attention to the house needs and to keep the energy flow in harmony.

Therefore, from time to time we have to check the house's state with feng shui and to make sure everything is good.

Read the article below to find out how to refresh your space of living.

Energizing the main door

The main door of your house is where the exterior environmental powerful cosmic energy enters your home connection.

Show off pictures of auspicious creatures in the vicinity of the door, to turn.

Load the energy of growth with water inputs

The presence of water promotes the energy of growth,
whether it is located either inside or outside the house. It is a vital ingredient that perpetually brings luck.

Remove blockages in the lobby

Do not leave boxes, shoes etc. to gather in the foyer of your house.

It's okay to have some furniture in the lobby; to slow the flow of chi, but do not let it to accumulate too much.

Consolidate the feng shui of your living room

Activate the eight sectors using symbolic decorative images.

For example, you can energize southwest with classic peonies for good luck in love, or the south with an image with a Phoenix to enjoy your accreditation.

Auspicious objects create favorable chi and bring compelling benefits.

Bright light always generates yang

Pay attention to the atmosphere created by light housing.

Never darken the living room by using blinds or curtains that are too thick. The house is always auspicious when the atmosphere is bright.

Let the natural sound to enter the living areas

Keep one or two pets to create natural sounds in the house.

As an alternative, you can use the radio or TV. A quiet house suggests the yin aura of tombs and underground places.

Create meandering streams of chi in your home

When you arrange the furniture in your home, create a mental map of the traffic flow
- how people will move around objects.

Direct the flow of traffic by placing solid pieces of furniture in strategic places.

Make sure that the stream is winding and that people will not be likely to go through obstacles or corners.

Rules crucial for kitchen location

The kitchen should be within the housing
and the door should not be visible from the core.

Avoid the northwest and southwest.

Remake the home decor frequently

Rearranging furniture is beneficial because chi redirects patterns, reflecting the dynamic nature and attracting fresh cosmic energy in your home.

Enter daily doses of solar energy

This is a very effective way to ensure that the family stays together and that all members are blessed by strong the invigorating energy of the sun.

Hang crystals from windows to capture direct sunlight.

The mirror in the living room doubles abundance

Choose a wall mirror that is large enough
to suggest the wealth and prosperity, a mirror which reflects all family members, and food on the table.

This mirror will attract luck.

Pay attention to the water and fire elements

Inside the kitchen, make sure that the water tap is not the stove
or directly in front of him.

Stove Fire symbolizes the element that will react negatively related to the water element.

Revitalizing rituals with salt for kitchen

Once a year, scrub the floor, door and kitchen walls with salt
to ensure that surfaces are cleaned from the negative chi and that the cooked food is never affected by noxious or stagnant energy.

Restful energy in the bedroom

Your bedroom symbolizes a place of safety and sanctuary.

It is better to choose soothing colors than some stimulants. Avoid excess of yang energy in the bedroom. Try not to enable this room with too many decorative objects, especially with the wedding photos.

Purification ceremonies for your bedroom

Wipe all surfaces with a cloth dampened in bedroom with natural salt water

Then, use the cleaning tools to clean space stagnant chi that will be accumulated there. Open all windows and doors to allow a good flow of chi.


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