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Feng shui isn't only about home décor, but a complete lifestyle.

Therefore, read the article below to find out how to obtain a harmonious and beautiful face with feng shui tips.

A flawless complexion removes the obstacles

Until you think of colors and textures, it is essential to have smooth skin.

If the face is marked by spots or irritation, they are obstacles in life. Use as a makeup base a liquid foundation, applying it with a damp sponge or thick brush suitable for smoothing.

Brightness indicates inner joy

To attract good things in life and to exploit opportunities with joy, make your face to radiate an inner glow.

To attract good fortune, the skin may not seem tired or deleted. Therefore get sufficient sleep, and in the days when your skin needs a new life, use the fabulous facial creams for brightness.

Apply them before your foundation and powder.

Prepare your palette

When you make-up your face, consider it a painter's palette.

Have fun! Try to prepare a base using some translucent powder applied with a special brush. Avoid matte powder that gives skin a dull appearance.

Bright eyes attract good chi

Eyes should be bright and vivacious by nature

If you have big eyes with sharp shadows, highlight them using bold colors. If not, create the impression of brightness using ingenious eyeshadow, pencil and ink outline.

The eyes are a window to the world role, so make them attractive, to capture fast chi.

Fresh cheeks for love

Cheeks necessarily need to have it flushed, so the chances of you finding a great boyfriend will increase a hundredfold.

Pink cheeks will enhance further the chances of prosperity and wealth. Girls in their 20 years must emphasize the top of the cheekbone with pink tones.

Women 30 to 40 years must emphasize it a little lower, with some somewhat dark shades. Remember, if your cheeks look like peaches you will attract wonderful luck of peaches flowers.

Long hair brings you a good husband

Unkempt and disheveled hair may have is great for teens, but if you want the front to bring you luck, focus on your volume.

If you cannot afford regular visits to the hairdresser, learn to style your hair with a large brush, round. As luck marriage, long hair, either straight or curly, is one that attracts a man alive.

The beauty spots

The beauty spots on the face can be attractive and bring good luck, depending on their position.

However, red moles are always considered more auspicious than the black, if you are on the face. If you have a prominent black mole on the face, use a blush-powder or pencil to open its reddish color.

Glow in eyes for power

Be bold.

After you apply a shadow on the entire eyelid in a color of your choice, use a smoky eyeshadow, applied in a fine line, close to the upper lashes. Blend the edges with a cotton swab.

Finish your creation with little shadow brilliant arcade. When you shine the eyes have a much greater power of attraction.

You can also cheat

False eyelashes were once mandatory accessories and now are back in force.

Learn to apply them subtly. Remember, perfection is achieved through exercise. If you've never used them, start with individual false eyelashes outer corner of the eye. Eyelashes protect your inner chi.

The lips are the face's gate

The mouth is the gateway to face, so the area around them is as important as the main entrance to the house.

Print them positive energy, making your lips look appetizing, keeping your teeth clean and beautiful skin around the mouth and not irritated.

Use a lipliner lipstick shade lighter than the choice of lisptick. Then generously cover your lips with color and shine as much you want.

The glow of jewelry brings luck

Women who seek to embellish and bring luck shine beloved wife and children as auspicious exude an aura of success and abundance


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