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Before you wear any kind of crystals, they must be purified thoroughly.

Purification is a very important process in preparing stones - either precious or semi - before using them for the purposes of treatment.

And I do not mean just washing them with soap and water.

You do not know where your crystals have been before they reach your hands, so it is very important to cleanse them of any negative energy stored in them.

Here are six ways you can cleanse your crystals. Any of them has the same effect as the other.

You can choose either method you find most convenient, or a combination of two or more methods.

Method 1: Use tap water

Leave the crystal under running water for 6-7 hours.

This method is one of the easiest, requiring very little efforts.

Tap water is essentially a very powerful method for purification.

Method 2: Bury it in the ground

Bury crystals in little land overnight.

When the crack of dawn occurs, rinse them thoroughly.

This method works very well for people with a nice patch of garden with more soil.

Method 3: Purified by fire

Keep the stone at the flame of a candle.

Hold it over the flame until the candle melts completely.

Intense cleansing properties of fire will help to remove all negative energies.

Method 4: Revive with quartz

Put the stone a few days in a pile of quartz.

This method returns the intrinsic energy of the stone to life through the contact with quartz.

Method 5: Boost energy with sunlight

For best results, you need to use in your crystal purification, the strongest source of yang energy.

After applying one of the four previous methods, sits stone "purified" in bright sunlight, to keep cleaning and to wake energies...

Method 6: Steeped in milk

In addition to the other five purification methods, all crystals
- except red coral and rubies - must be dipped in raw milk for at least three hours to remove all impurities.

Use as a substitute for milk water and foam for the red coral and lemon juice for ruby.

Keep in mind that the stone should be fully immersed to stand for at least three hours in any case.

This method effectively extracts all the impurities present in the crystal, and then dissipates altogether.

No matter what combination of methods you choose, you should include methods 5 and 6.

Combined with any of the first four methods, they guarantee that your stones are perfectly "clean".


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