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Houses divided by level of unequal heights tenants can cause problems in Feng Shui, especially to the father. Unstable energy present in them can cause in Feng Shui several types of unlucky manifestation and evil, so you necessarily have to take action against this.

In general, unequal partitioning on multiple levels within the dwelling is not recommended by Feng Shui masters.

This is because too many levels creates in Feng Shui serious disruption in the flow of chi and affects smooth penetration of luck in the house.

In addition, floors with high oscillatory instability generate unstable energy.

It is fashionable for the main living room to occupy a particular level, but actually houses with the interior divided into multiple levels are considered extremely bad and can bring more trouble.

If you live in a house with different levels of heights and you cannot move, you must create an energy stabilizer to balance the existing disruptive.

The best remedy for this situation is to bring in the house several large decorative plants. They increase the strength of the wood chi and how it controls the energy of the Earth and they will ensure the creation of a more stable environment in the home.

However, symbolic ornamental plants will send roots into the soil, creating more stability for a feng shui house.

This remedy is the best way to combat erratic energy levels caused by oscillation.

In addition, always keep in mind that the lowest level must assign the destination of living room and the highest level to be used as dining room.

Multi-level bedrooms

These bedrooms are quite agreed today, but we must make sure that the bed is at the upper level to guarantee you good social relationships and happiness.

This bedroom has a bed, usually located on the lower level or "stuck in the hole", which is not an auspicious arrangement of the room.

Even if the two levels are separated by a single step, putting the bed on the lower level indicates bad luck. This is because it is believed that sleeping on the lower level harm all the relationships of life and the others will tend to take advantage of you.

At work, you will be ignored
and if Providence does not see you in the eyes, you might even get scapegoats for all the ills that occurred in your professional circle.

As such, it is never advisable to sleep on the lower level.

If you really want a multi-level bedroom, be sure to sleep to the upper level. If this is not possible, then discard altogether the two levels or raise your bed to the situation even at a height greater than the upper level.

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