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Author: Éulia Iliescu
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While obesity reached a new height, the desperate ones that are on diet can risk their lives for losing the kilograms with this controverted diet.

The craziness started in 50s-60s and now is the newest craziness for losing weight.

The diet implies daily injections with human chorionic gonadotropin, combined with an extreme caloric restriction.

Women from all over America are crowding the doctor's offices for spending 1.100$ per month for a consult, a hormonal doze and syringes for injecting their selves.

A new and cheaper version of HCG diet, assiduously promoted on the internet it uses HCG drops, sprays or sucking lozenges that pretend to be homeopath. Both of the versions of this diet started medical debates. "The diet is terrifying", said Dr. David Katz, from Yale University, recently in an interview at ABC.

"it leads the irresponsible diets to new heights". Though, Dr. Mezmet Oz promoted this diet in his TV show and declared that it's worth trying. So, who is right and what is the true about HCG diet?

What is HCG?
Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy and helps at "feeding" uterus.

The injectable formula of the hormone is approved as a treatment for fertility in women. The loss of weight is the illegal purpose of the drug, used without being on the label.

Doctors are allowed to prescribe any drug approved for any purpose he believes it's suitable.

The potential side effects of HCG include depression, headaches, breast sensitivity and blood clots.

The authority that approves drugs in USA recently received a report over a patient on HCG diet that suffered pulmonary embolism, a medical condition with the potential of risking the patient's life.

What is in those homeopathic drops and sprays?

The homeopathic tablets and drops pretend to contain an oral version of HCG.

These products, also sold in drugstores, usually promise an extreme weight loss (in combination with a low caloric diet). These claims are both illegal and fraudulent.

Only approved pills can have medical claims, which must be sustained by clinical studies/ drops, sprays and other oral versions of HCG are not approved.

It has been also reported that these products are not actually recognized by homeopathic pharmacopoeia and, therefore, they cannot be considered homeopathic treatments.

Moreover, the experts claim that there is no evidence that taking orally HCG is efficient, because it would be annihilated by the acid from the stomach.

How does it work?

Created by an European doctor in the 50s, the diet is based on the theory that taking HCG the appetite will be reduced,
making it this way easier for the ones that practice a limit of 500 kcal per day, the equivalent of 125 g of tortilla chips.

The ones that proposed this diet sustain that it can lead to losing 0.5 kilograms a day or even more, which is not quite surprising considering the caloric restraining.

Does HCG accelerate the weight loss?
No. from the 70s it has been demanded a warning on packages that it doesn't accelerate the weight loss, it doesn't create a more attractive fat distribution, and it doesn't banish hunger and discomfort.

Moreover, not even a dozen of medical researches didn't find out any benefit of HCG in weight loss.

Some doctors believe that all that HCG does is to offer an expensive placebo effect which can make some people on 500 kcal/day diet imagine that they starve less.


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