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Author: Tin Pan
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‘Pounds and Inches’ by Dr. Simeons is a hot selling property in the weight reduction field. Dr. Simeons was born in London, UK, and graduated in medicine from the University of Heidelberg. He is well known in the medicinal field. He has written about many scientific researches and has authored a number of medical books. 

Dr. Simeons has used clear and lucid language in ‘Pounds and Inches’.
His ground breaking book explains clearly how the abnormal fat gets pulled out from your body with the HCG Diet Plan.

This book is considered as the Bible of HCG Diet plan. Dr. Simeons has suggested the usage of HCG Diet Drops along with the HCG Diet Plan. He has explained how the Drops and the Diet Plan complement each other to give you better and noticeable weight reduction results, within a short span of time.

In his book, Dr. Simeons shares how the HCG Plan modifies your eating habits and gets your body to respond to the weight losing technique.

The essence of his writing shares the symptoms, causes and the treatment of obesity, via the HCG [Human Chorionic Gonadotropin] hormone intake and the HCG Diet plan.

His book, ‘Pounds and Inches’ covers:

* Obesity:
He has explained how obesity has become a lifestyle disease.

He has explained how the psychological, compulsive eating habits and a general reluctance in losing weight creates obesity.

* Fat storage in body:
In simple language, he has explained the three types of fat storage within your body.

The structural fat, normal fat and the abnormal fat.

He has indicated that while the normal and structural fat is good for your body, it is the abnormal fat that requires to be pulled out of your body in order to have noticeable weight reduction.

He has gone on to mention that it is the abnormal fat which is very difficult to get rid of even with exercise.

* Water:
The book explains the importance of drinking plenty of water.

This would work in a number of ways. Water flushes out toxins and helps keep general health in good condition. 

* Thyroid gland, Pituitary gland and the Adrenals gland:

Dr. Simeons shares how the glands regulate other endocrine functions along with metabolism, controlling and mobilizing fatty substances.

They balance the sugar levels in your body. They also control your appetite and involuntary functions of your body.

* In his book, Dr. Simeons has dwelled deeply on the biological and scientific explanations of what the body requires so as to trigger the chain reaction of weight loss via the HCG Plan.

He has prescribed the diet, which caters to the intake of 500 calories per day.

He has shown that dieting does not mean starving or losing out on tasty food.

His Diet Plan includes spicing up your food and having a variety. It is only important to keep in mind that excess is not to be indulged in.

* Meant for men and women:
The plan is such that it will be beneficial to both genders.

* HCG protocol, technique and duration:
You are required to consume 500 calories only.

The weight loss plan stretches for 44 days of absolute VLCD and 125 i.u of hormone.

Usually, an average person would require just about 3 HCG phases to shed the extra weight.

Regular intake of the HCG hormone can enable you to shed 1-3 lbs in just 24 hours.

Along with this, the HCG Diet will enable you to shed 40 lbs and more in less than a month.

The HCG oral drops are taken under the tongue while the shots are administered in the muscle region.

‘Pounds and Inches,’ by Dr. Simeons is worth a read.

It would be good if you can own it as well so that whenever you are gaining weight, you can have a quick read through and maintain your weight.

The book enables you to understand how you can retain and maintain your weight post the Plan period.


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