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Author: Tin Pan
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HCG is seen as the weight reduction miracle plan. The full form of HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is very popular amongst people who are interested in a safe weight loss plan. The popularity of the HCG Plan comes from the fact that it is not chemically enhanced. The premise of HCG is based on the natural hormone, which a woman would normally produce in a natural way during her pregnancy.

HCG can be consumed by men and women.
HCG is a natural hormone produced in pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, these hormones tend to increase. This takes place due to the action of the cells that form the placenta which enable the egg to get nourished after fertilization.

One of the functions of HCG is to enable the conversion of the body’s stored fat into energy for the development of the fetus.

This is exactly what you require to lose weight.
A safe natural method that enables the fat which is stored deep in your body to loosen out and get pulled out.

This is the premise and the crux of the well-known HCG Plan.

For the purpose of weight reduction, there are two ways in which the HCG hormone intake is administered. One is via injections and the other is the oral drops.

The oral drops are becoming more popular as unlike injections, there is no pain and the drops are very easy to ingest.

HCG is not a recent finding.
It has been around since science began, to understand pregnancy a little more in-depth.

The HCG effect on weight was initially seen in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons.

He noticed that people who were given the HCG hormone seem to have been losing weight consistently as their hunger levels were low.

What he also established, was that HCG targets the fat stored deep into your body.
Fortunately, there is no muscle loss as HCG does not go in that area.

Thus, it came about that HCG is much safer, and without any side effects.

Dr. Simeons has authored the book ‘Pounds and Inches’ . His book goes on to explain  how the abnormal fat gets pulled out from your body with HCG.

Dr. Simeons has suggested the usage of the HCG Diet Drops along with the HCG Diet Plan.

He has explained how the Drops and the Diet Plan complement each other to give you better and noticeable weight reduction results within a short span of time.

Although in the 50s, due to Dr. Simeons, the hormone got its due attention after a period of time, the major hype around it fizzled off.

Recently, in the year 2007, Kevin Trudeau re-introduced the drug.

He has authored the famous book: ‘The Weight Loss Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.’ Since then, it is even more in the know.

Due to its inherent property, which enables weight reduction without side effects, there has been a growth of a huge market for this drug.

There are many private labels selling this drug. Since it is popular and there is a huge booming market, people are willing to buy it off the shelf.

HCG is found in allopathy, as well in homeopathy.
HCG is being recommended by many practitioners, be they health stores, pharmacies or such other business houses.

Since HCG has reached a huge commercial market, the product formula could differ and so would the quantity of intake meant for you specifically.

The reason for this is that there are many business houses producing and selling the drug. Hence, it is best that you have a check up and then proceed with this plan.

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