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Author: Tin Pan
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HCG diet has become the most common method of loosing weight the easy way. HCG diet plan is an easy and convenient weight loss tool. HCG diet plan puts you on a hormone and a very strict diet. The HCG hormone shots helps to reduce your hunger pangs and increase your metabolism resulting in a rapid weight loss. Apart from the HCG hormonal shots and the stringent diet plan you may also have to take some additional supplements and strategies to boost your weight loss.

The HCG hormone shots enable you to survive with as low as 500 calorie diet per day.
Let us list some of the supplements and methods that will help you maximise your weight loss while on HCG.


Along with the HCG hormone shots yo u may also be prescribed to take a thyroid function supplement or a hormone balance supplement.

These supplements will benefit you by maximizing your weight loss.

Both of these supplements are hormone balancer and are generally used for women.

You may also use other supplements that are customized for the HCG diet.

These supplements are given to minimize the side effects of the HCG diet plan.

Since the HCG diet plan puts you on a very low calorie diet you can loose some vital vitamins and minerals from your body causing serous deficiency. Taking a vitamin supplement can help you restore the lost vitamins.

Plan your menu:
For an efficient diet plan it is recommended that you plan your menu well in advance.

This will save you from getting tempted and eat something unhealthy during your HCG diet period.

Planning your menu will help you restrain yourself from the unwanted food and in turn help you to maximize your HCG weight loss. 

Prepare yourself:
Though the HCG diet plan sounds very easy, it takes a strong will to stick to it and avoid all the temptations.

Preparing yourself for the HCG diet mentally is very important to maximize your weight loss. It is best that you plan your HCG diet in such a time when you can get away with the parties, vacations and other festivities.

Taking an ample amount of fluid is the key to maximizing your weight loss from the HCG diet plan.

Keep water and other fluids, that you intend to take, in sight so that you do not forget to drink them.

Stock your flavored tea and coffee well in advance so that you have them handy when you feel like drinking something and do not end up drinking stuffs that are not mentioned in the HCG diet plan.

Keep away from any kind of sweetener to maximize your weight loss while on the HCG diet.

Fluids also help you to detoxify your body.

Eating habits:
HCG diet plans gives you an excellent opportunity to rectify your eating habits.

You should get into practice of eating your food slowly and in small bites. Eat when your mind is peaceful so that you gain maximum energy from the food you eat.

Exercising is highly recommended while on the HCG diet to maximize your weight loss.

Exercising will provides your body with the required stamina you may need during your HCG diet period.

Exercising helps you to get rid of the unwanted toxins from your body.

If you stick to the above mentioned tips then you might end up loosing more weight while on HCG diet. 

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